Friday, January 6, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 5: Gogi Grant

GOGI GRANT--  91, Died March 10.  Pop singer.  "The Wayward Wind."
BEN EDMUNDS--  65.  Died March 11.  Music journalist.
LOUISE MEYERS--  60.  Died March 11.  Co-founder of Austin, Texas' South By Southwest music festival.

FRANK SINATRA JR.--  72.  Died March16.  You-now who's son.  Entertainer in his own right.
STEVE YOUNG--  73.  Died March 17.  Pioneer of "Outlaw Country" movement.  Wrote "Seven bridges Road."
MALICK ISAAC TAYLOR--  45.  Died March 22.  aka Phife Dawg.  In hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest.

JAMES JAMERSON JR.--  58.  Died March 23.  bassist
JIMMY RILEY--  61  Died March 23.  Jamaican solo artist and member of the Sensations and Uniques.
ROSS SHAPIRO--  Died March 26.  Member of Athens, Georgia, band Glands.

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