Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dode Paskert, Major League Baseball Player 1907-1921

What about this Dode Paskert the Cubs received for Cy Williams?


Played Major League Baseball 1907-1921.  Traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Cubs He also played for the Cincinnati Reds where he started his career and eventually came back and ended it it.

He had a two run double in a game five win over the Boston Red Sox for the Cubs in the 1918 World Series.

Known as a swift baserunner, he stole 51 bases for the Reds in 1910.

He was 36 when the Cuns got him and in three years, batted .286, .196 and .279.

All and all, I would rather have had Cy Williams, I think.

Cubbies.  What You Gonna Do?  --Cooter

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