Friday, January 20, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 13: Phil Chess, Bobby Vee and Kay Starr

KASHIF SALEEM--  59.  Died September 25.  R&B musician, songwriter, producer.
CAROLINE CRAWLEY--  53.  Died October 4.  Goth/Alternative Music
ROD TEMPERTON--  66.  Died early October.  Songwriter "Thriller," "Rock With You" and "off the Wall."

PHIL CHESS--  95.  Died October 18.  Co-founder of Chess records in Chicago.  Blues Music
PETE BURNS--  57.  Died October 23.  fronted Dead or Alive. "You Spin me Around."
BOBBY VEE--  aka Robert Thomas Velline--  73.  Died October 24.

KAY STARR--  94.  Died November 3.
EDDIE HARSCH--  59.  Died November 4.  Keyboardist
JEAN-JACQUES PERREY--  87.  Died November 4.  Electronic Music

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