Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deaths: "Newhart" and "Simpsons"-- Marcia Wallace

MARCIA WALLACE (1942-2013) Died October 25th. She played the wise-cracking receptionist at Bob Newhart's office on "The Bob Newhart Show" and Bart Simpson's 4th-grade teacher Edna Crabappel. //// I used to have to stay home every Saturday night until all those great CBS shows were over back in my much-younger days. I didn't watch "The Simpsons" for a long time because of Bart Simpson. These are two of my all-time favorite TV shows. I'll sure miss her.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deaths: Saved Geico-- John Byrne

JOHN BYRNE, 80, executive who in the late 1970s brought Geico back from the brink of bankruptcy, a legendary turnaround that led Warren Buffett to call him the Babe Ruth of Insurance when he invested in the company. //// Without this guy, there would be none of those great Geico commercials. I love that Geico Gecko, especially when he does the regionl commercials like the ones for Chicago. And then, there's that "What day is it?" camel. //// Whoever does the Geico commercials-- just brilliant. //// Love the Gecko and Camel. --Cooter

Happy 60th Anniversary to Peeps

From the March 25, 2013, Time Magazine Milestones. "The 60th anniversary of Peeps, the spongy marshmallow chicks that have become synonymous with Easter in the U.S.; they were born in 1953, when Russian immigrant Sam Born bought the Rodda Candy Co. of Lancaster, Pa." //// Peeps are now made for Halloween, Christmas and St. Valentine's Day. //// Yellow chicks are the original color ones and this is where they get the name, as baby chicks go "peep." The company is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and also make Mike and Ikes and Hot Tamales. (I didn't know that.) I personally do not like Peeps at all. //// Candy for a Candy Time Tomorrow. --DaCoot

Female Cubs Exec Changed the Ballgame-- Part 3: Bill Veeck, Family-Centered Games and Waivers

During the 1930s, Miss Donahue, she never married, worked side-by-side with William Veeck's son, Bill. "She fed him this idea that baseball wasn't just about the men in the ballpark, that a ballpark should also have a family atmosphere." Bill Veeck took that to heart in all of his future baseball undertakings. //// She also became an expert on waivers. //// A Groundbreaking Woman. --Cooter

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Female Cubs Exec Changed the Ballgame-- Part 2: Season Tickets and Da Bears

Margaret "Midge" Donahue was hired by Cubs owner William Veeck (Bill veeck's father) in 1919 when he responded to a job wanted ad she had placed in the Sunday Tribune. She initially turned down the offer to be a stenographer because she wanted to work in the Loop, but Veeck offered her much more than what she was earning at a laundry supply company. She tried to quit at the end of the first season, but he made her hours between 10 and 4, so she stayed. //// Donahue impressed Veeck that he started giving her more responsibility, especially in the ticket office. In 1926, he hired her as corporate secretary. That promotion made national news. //// In 1929, she began selling season tickets which practice has become a major source of income all across sports. //// She even was in on the begiining of the NFL by working for George Halas when he moved the Bears from Decatur to Wrigley Field in 1921 and then continued on Sunday afternoons into the 1930s. -- DaCoot

Female Cubs Exec Changed the Ballgame-- Part 1

From the July 22, 2013, Chicago Tribune "Focus" by John Owens. //// A person I'd never heard of before this. Margaret Manning of far northwest suburb Huntley has a "Golden Pass." It is fifty years old, signed by long-ago heads of Major League Baseball and offers free access to any game in any stadium in the National and American leagues. It is for her aunt Margaret "Midge" Donahue's "long and meritorius" service with the Chicago Cubs. //// She is recognized as "a groundbreaking baseball executive" and her fame will grow with 3014's 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field. //// She worked for the team from 1919 to 1958 and was the first female front-office executive in Major league Baseball who was not an owner. She was an innovator who introduced the concept of season tickets in 1929, selling tickets at off-site locations and offering reduced ticket prices for children under the age of 12. //// Quite a Woman. --Cooter

Monday, October 28, 2013

New England Coastal Lighthouses-- Part 3

NEW LONDON HARBOR: "New London Harbor is Connecticut's oldest and tallest lighthouse. Originally established in 1761, the tower was financed by a lottery held by the Connecticut colonial legislature. The present lighthouse, built in 1801, was the one of America's earliest ones with a flashing beacon." //// BOSTON HARBOR: Boston Harbor Light, North America's first true light station, was established in 1716. The lighthouse was the last in the United States to be automated-- in 1998-- and is the only remaining American lighthouse with a resident keeper employed by the federal government. It was designated a National Historical landmark in 1964." //// So, There You Have All Five New Lighthouse Stamps. --Cooter

New England Coastal Lighthouses-- Part 2

PORTSMOUTH HARBOR: "The first navigational aid in New Hampshire was created in 1771, in the state's only deep-water port, Portsmouth Harbor. The present lighthouse, a 48-foot tower of bolted cast-iron plates built in 1878, was constructed inside its predecessor, a wooden tower that had succumbed to deterioration." //// POINT JUDITH: "Originally established in 1810 to guard a partucularly dangerous part of the Atlantic coast of Rhode Island. Point Judith's current lighthouse was built in 1857. In 2000, the lighthouse underwent a renovation using brownstone quarried from the same area as the 1857 tower." //// Punch Yer Lights Out. --DaCoot

New England Coastal Lighthouses-- Part 1

From the back of the U.S. Postal stamp sheet, US Postal Service. //// "Solitary and mysterious, lighthouses have fascinated people for centuries. Celebrating the eternal appeal og these historic becaons, the U.S. Postal Service continues the popular series of lighthouse stamps. Sought after by collectors and beloved by the public, this latest issuance in the series celebrates New England Coastal Lighthouses." //// PORTLAND HEAD: //// "Maine's oldest lighthouse, Portland Head has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1873. The lighthouse tower, constructed in 1791, and the Victorian keepers' house, now the home of a museum, are among the most beautiful-- and most frequently photographed-- stations in the United States." //// Keeping the Light On. --Cooter

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lighthouse Stamps Out-- Part 3: Sally Snowman and the Lights

Sally Snowman was hired as the Boston Light lighthouse keeper in 2003 after volunteering there and co-authoring Boston Light: A Historical Perspective. Her job includes cleaning and maintenance and "light housekeeping" as she likes to joke. She wears attire like the first keepers would have worn after the Revolutionary War. //// She says lighthouses stand for hope, "For those immigrants who came into Boston, seeing Boston Light was the hope of a new beginning. And when people have survived shipwrecks in Boston Harbor are asked about what kept them going-- what helped them keep the faith-- many said it was this lighthouse. //// Jeff Gales of the U.S. Lighthouse Society says the stamps will help raise interest in these storied pieces of American architecture. "Eash lighthouse had their own light pattern," a pattern of light movements which would distinguish one lighthouse from another." There was a book that identified these light patterns in these days before GPS. Lighthouses also often were painted with different patterns which made them distinguishable in daylisht. //// We'll Leave the Light On. --Cooter

Friday, October 25, 2013

"Roseanne's" House-- Part 1

From Roadside America. //// I had to look this up as I like to see TV/movie filming sites when I am familiar with the shows. Neighbors call it the "Roseanne House" at 619 South Runnymede Avenue in Evansville, Indiana. It is between Lincoln Avenue and Bellmeade Avenue. //// The show ran from 1988-1997. //// The show's TV hangout at the Lobo is also in the area at the corner of Edgar and Louisiana streets. //// Built in 1925, it hasn't changed much since the show. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and is just under 2000 square feet and was used in establishing shots. As I wrote yesterday, it was recently for sale for $129,000. //// Like I said, Next Time Through. --Cooter

Roseanne's 25th Anniversary-- Part 4: Becky 1 and Becky 2

*** Actress LECY GORANSON played "Becky 1" left the show at the end of season 4 to attend Vassar full time and returned for Season 8. SARAH CHALKE played "Becky 2" in the interim. //// *** The end credit video was a tradition. //// *** Season 9 was horrible and a bomb. Definitely a show that should have ended a year earlier. //// ***Finished Season 1 as the #2 show behind Cosby. Remained in Top Twenty every year until that 9th season. //// ***The "infamous" chicken shirt, considered the dumbest tee shirt in the world, was worn by almost every cast member during the show's run. (I don't remember it.) --Until the Final Season, This Was Must-Watch TV for Me. --DaCoot

Lighthouse Stamps Out-- Part 2

The series will also commemorate the Portland Head lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, maine; the Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse in New Castle, N.H.; the Point Judith lighthouse in Narragansett, R.I.; and the New London Harbor lighthouse in New London, Ct. //// BOSTON LIGHT //// Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island, is the only lighthouse in the United States that still has a keeper. That would be Sally Snowman, even though the lighhouse was fully automated. A 1989 congressional mandate (I hate congressional mandates) said there must be someone on site because of its historical importance. (built in 1716, it is the oldest lighthouse in the country). In 1719, Boston Light became the first North American lighthouse to install a cannon to signal ships in the fog. It was occupied by royal forces in the Revolutionary War and burned several times. //// More to Come. --Cooter

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lighthouse Stamps Out-- Part 1: Boston Light

From the July 12, 2013, USA Today "Massachusetts: Stamps shine a light on an American icon" by Molly Vorwerck. //// "Lighthouse are icons of a bygone American seascape. Now the U.S. Postal Service hopes to capitalize on their appeal with its sixth series in a collection of stamps commemorating some of America's most historic lighthouses." //// The 46-cent "forever" stamps were released July 12th and showcase five New England lighthouses. (I have my sheet already. Something else I don't need to collect.) //// The Boston Harbor lighthouse, known as the Boston Light, was built in 1716 and is the oldest one in the country and the only one still run by a keeper. Sally Snowman does the job, even though it is fully automated. //// More to Come. --DaCoot

Roseanne's 25th Anniversary-- Part 3: Where Was the House?

Some more stuff about the show. //// ***MATT ROTH played Jackie's younger boyfriend Fisher. They fell in love with each other in real life and got married in 1993. //// ***Pre-"Titanic" LEONARDO DiCAPRIO played Darlene's home-ec classmate in one episode. //// ***The house that was used for exterior shots of the Connor home in fictional Langford, Illinois, was actually in Evansville, Indiana, and earlier this year was for sale for $129,000. On TV it was at the corner of 3rd and Delaware. (I could have afforded that. You know, own a piece of history, maybe turn it into a museum like "A Christmas Story." I drive through Evansville on occasion and would like to see it, but couldn't find the address.) //// I'd Like to See That House. --Cooter

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roseanne's 25th Anniversary-- Part 2

Some more interesting stuff: //// **** CHUCK LORRE, creator of "Big Bang Theory" and "Two and a Half Men" was on the writing staff. //// *** Roseanne was often at war with her writers and producers. //// *** The TV Roseanne gave birth to their youngest son Jerry on the Season 8 Halloween special and the real one also gave birth to son Buck. //// *** MICHAEL FISHMAN wasn't the original D.J.. SAM BARONE played D.J. in the pilot but couldn't get along with SARA GILBERT. Hollywood writers went on strike after the pilot was shot and when it came time to start production, BARONE had grown so much they were afraid he'd be taller than his older sisters. //// *** MACAULAY CULKIN of "Home Alone" was considered to play the part of D.J. //// *** "Big Bang Theory" star JOHNNY GALECKI was Darlene's boyfriend David Healy. SARA GILBERT, Darlene, also was on Season 1 of "Big Bang Theory." //// Loved Those Halloween Specials. --Cooter

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Like Boo!: Scariest Movies of the Past 50 Years-- Part 3

Final entry. //// THE THING (1982) Science fiction set in Antarctica (like that would not be horror enough) The "thing" becomes exact replicas of the researchers working there and panic ensues. (I liked the remake better than the original. Because of government furloughs, NIU not going to Antarctica now. Perhaps a good thing?) //// CARRIE (1976) Stephen King's first published novel became the film that forever gave prom queens a bad name. (And lends creedance to the old saying about "payback" being a _____. I wonder why this did not become a John Travolta dance craze starter?) //// THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) Oscar-winning performance of the world's most memorable cannibal. (The world's most interesting man? Smooth and depravity at the same gulp. Like they said about Bluto in "Animal House, "Just keep your hands and feet away from his mouth.") //// HALLOWEEN (1978) A killer escapes from a psychiatric hospital and stalks his targets with those chilling piano notes playing. (Another reason for teens to abstain from sex. Have sex and Michael gets ya'. If not the scariest movie, it sure was the most hurtful one. I was sitting next to friend Wendy when we saw it and the first time Michael came out she really clobbered my right leg. ) THE RING (2002) Watching eerie images on a videotape means death in seven days. //// Not Sitting Next to Wendy at Horror Movies Anymore. --Cooter

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Roseanne's" 25th Anniversary-- Part 1

From the Oct. 18, 2013, Yahoo! TV "Happy 25th Anniversary 'Roseanne': 25 Things You Didn't Know About the Classic Sitcom" by Kimberly Potts. //// The show made its debut on ABC on October 18, 1988 about a struggling working-class family and was a hit right off the bat, but never won an Emmy. People, and especially me, liked their Halloween shows. The article went into more detail and had photos and film clips, but I am just doing the ones of interest to me: //// **** Oscar and Emmy Award winner SHELLY WINTERS played Roseanne's grandmother, Na Na Mary in ten episodes. // **** Series co-creator MATT WILLIAMS famously feuded with Roseanne. // **** It was one of GEORGE CLOONEY's pre-"ER" roles as Booker, Roseanne's boss at Wellman Plastic. //// More to Come. --DaCoot

Death of Jerry G. Bishop (Svengoolie) and Cleveland/Philadelphia's KYW Radio

I wrote about Jerry G. Boshop's death September 15, 2013, in my Down Da Road Blog because of his connection with WCFL-AM 1000 in Chicago, one of the big two rock stations most all teens listened to growing up in the 60s and 70s. However, he also had a TV career for even more years than radio and created that horror show host Svengoolie. //// He could make even the corniest scary movie even cornier. //// One of the radio stations he worked at was KYW in Cleveland and that sent me out on another quest. What, a station east of the Mississippi beginning with the letter "K"? //// I wrote about these back on October 18th in that blog. //// --Cooter

Friday, October 18, 2013

Like BOO!!!: Scariest Movies of the Last 50 Years-- Part 2

Just in time for Halloween. Continued from Oct. 14th. //// THE EXORCIST (1973)--A priest battles an unrelenting demon for the soul of a child in a Catholic-sanctioned exorcism. (Not as scary as they said it was, but still creepy.) //// JAWS (1975)-- The classic man-versus-nature drama, complimented by the most tension-filled movie score ever. (Loved the line, "We need a bigger boat." You were safe until you heard those strings.) //// ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968)-- A pregnant woman slowly descends into nightmares as she wonders about the true origins of her baby. (Gives new meaning to "Baby Daddy" and "Who's Your Daddy.") //// POLTERGEIST (1982)-- "They're here!" What a five-year-old sees that the others can't is what will keep you up at night. (We just saw it again yesterday. One hungry dog doesn't protect his family. When that skull came out of the closet...well, that stil skeered me. One other person said that was why her kids were scared of clowns.") And, I Still Have Five More to Go. --Cooter

Eating With History

From American Profile "10 of America's Oldest Eateries" by Marti Attoun. These taverns, inns and restaurants have been serving great food for at least 150 years. I am listing them here, but will have more detail in my RoadDog's RoadLog Blog. //// OLD '76 HOUSE-- Tappan, NY-- 1686 // KING GEORGE II INN-- Bristol, Pa. 1681 // THE PIRATES' HOUSE-- Savannah, Ga. 1734 // OLD TALBOTT TAVERN-- Bardstown, Ky. 1779 // THE GOLDEN LAMB-- Lebanon, Ohio 1803 // THE LOG INN--Warrenton, Ind. 1825 // UNION OYSTER HOUSE-- Boston, Mass. 1826 // ANTOINE'S RESTAURANT-- New Orleans, La. 1840 // TADICH GRILL-- San Francisco, Cal. 1849 // HAYS HOUSE-- Council Grove, Kan. 1857. //// And, Several Are Over 150 Years. --DaCoot

The Walking Dead-- Part 3: De-extincions In the Pipeline

These arether animal species scientists think they could bring back besides the wooly mammoths. //// GASTRIC BROODING FROG-- Native to Australia; went extinct in the 1980s. // PASSENGER PIGEON-- Once numbered in the billions; went extinct in 1914. // THYLACINE-- Also known as the Tasmanian tiger; went extinct in the 1930s. // PYRENEAN IBEX-- Found in spain and Portugal; went extinct in 2000. //// Sounds Like Juraissic Park If You Ask Me. --Cooter

Deaths: Original Svengoolie-- Nintendo Guy-- Mister Moose

1. JERRY G. BISHOP, 77 --Died Sept. 15th. Former radio and TV host best known as the original Svengoolie. Nothing like watching a hokey horror movie with the Sven's even more hokey comments and sight gags. //// HIROSHI YAMAUCHI, 85. Died Sept. 19th. Ran Nintendo for 53 years and transformed the company into the world's biggest maker of video games. We've sure come a long way from Pong even if I don't play video games, I'm impressed. Well, I was sort of hooked on a video game called Slither back in the early 80s. //// COSMO ALLEGRETTI, 86. Died July 26th Puppeteer who gave life to "Captain Kangaroo's" Grandfather Clock, Running Bear, Bunny Rabbit and Mister Moose. I was a big fan of the Captain and especially like Bunny Rabbit and Mister Moose.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Walking Dead: Bringing 'Em Back-- A How To

OK, here's how to bring 'em back: //// 1. FIND A CELL-- The real hard part, finding an intact cell from an extinct species // 2. PICK A HOST-- The nucleus of the extict animal cell is transferred into a host cell which should be from a similar species (as in using an elephant to host a wooly mammoth). // 3. MULTIPLY-- Scientists prompt the new cell to begin dividing until it becomes a viable embryo. // INCUBATE-- The embryo is transferred into an egg or womb of a host animal to hopefully develop into a now de-extinct animal. //// See, Told Ya' It Was Easy. --Cooter

The Walking Dead (No, Not the TV Series)-- Part 1

From the April 15, 2013, Time Magazine "Science: The Walking Dead" by Bryan Walsh. //// And this is about scientists being able to revive long-extinct species. How's that for a "Juraissic Park"? The article says that each year an estimated 10,000 to 100,000 animal species die off. But scientists are getting near to the ability to bring 'em back. //// And, that would mean DNA. In January, Australian scientists reported they had developed embryos of the extinct gastric brooding frog. //// But, should we bring 'em back? Just because we can doesn't mean we should. Hey, they died off for a reason. //// Want to know how to do it? Read the next post. //// Gone, But Not Forgotten. --DaCoot

The World's Most Visited Art Museum (Go Ahead, Guess)

From Time Magazine. //// And, I've been to two of the three listed, thanks to Mom and her family trips. Annual attendance. #1. LOUVRE-- Paris-- 9.7 million // #2. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART-- New York City-- 6.1 million // #3. BRITISH MUSEUM-- London-- 5.5 million //// I've been to the Louvre and British Museum. //// I Have S-O- Much Culture. --Cooter

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Deaths: Shot Famous JFK, Jr. Photo

STAN STEARNS, 76. Died March 2, 2012. UPI Photographer who on Nov. 25, 1963, was standing outside Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC, squeezed into a roped-off area with 70 other photographers. //// The flag-draped casket on a horse-drawn caisson bearing the body of President John F. Kennedy was coming by. He saw Jacqueline Kennedy lean down and whisper something to her son, who was turning three that day. John, Jr. stepped forward and saluted his father. All this happened in less than five seconds. Mr. Stearns caught the moment while all the other photographers missed it, focussing on the coffin or Mrs. Kennedy. //// The others walked with the procession, but Mr. Stearns hurried back to his office where his angry boss demanded to know why he was with the procession. He replied that he had the picture of the day. He did. //// Mr. Stearns was born May 11, 1935, in Annapolis, Md.. He didn't get rich off the picture, but did once win $25 for it in a picture contest. He always said, "The picture told the whole damn story." It Sure Did.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting My Fright On

Of course, I'm planning on seeing the "Carrie" remake movie in the next couple weeks. They still haven't learned not to "Mess" with her. //// Yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart in Dekalb, Illinois, (we were there for NIU Homecoming) and bought four scary movies (well, two were comedies with potentially scary monsters). I bought "Men in Black" and "Men in Black II" on the same DVD as well as "Poltergeist" and "Alien." //// When that huge skull popped out of that closet with mouth agape...wll, that "skeered" me a lot. Then, where was the alien? And, of course, its birth sequence. //// The Last Two Should Keep Me Awakie the Next Several Nights. --Cooter

Like, BOO!!!: Scariest Movies of the Last 50 Years-- Part 1

From the October 2013 AARP Bulletin by Carol Kaufmann. //// "It's the month of ghouls and goblins, but who needs a slasher film to produce a chill down the spine? In the last half-century, we've seen some movies that terrify us, not with whiz-bang special effects but by playing to out worst nightmares." Maybe one of these has given you nightmares: ////THE HAUNTING (1963) Paranormal experts investigate-- and stay in the ultimate haunted house. //// THE CHANGELING (1980)-- A grief-stricken composer retreats to an old country estate to be alone-- only to learn he's anything but. //// THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979) Is an allegedly true story, a family moves into a nice suburban house and discovers that the previous family hasn't left...exactly. (OK, the red eyes peering into the upstairs window got me.) //// THE SHINING (1980) A timid wife, a psychic son and a father who is slowly going mad-- all locked away in a remore hotel during winter... What could go wrong? (Is it possible for someone to be more deranged than Jack Nicholson?) //// Like, BOO!!! --DaCoot

Baseball's Gotten Mighty Expensive

From the October 2013 AARP Bulletin "A Boomer's History of the World Series //// "October brings the 109th World Series. The fall classic has seen lots of changes since the Boomer Generation dawned in 1946, when the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Boston Red Sox (could it happen again, they're both still in) and 2012, when the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers. Here are a few:" //// (1946 first, 2012 second) //// WORLD SERIES TICKETS $1.20-$6.25-- $110 to $1,040 //// HOT DOG AND A BEER: 50 cents--- $10.25 //// PROGRAM: 25 cents--- $15 /// WINNING PLAYER'S BONUS: $3,742.34--- $377,002.64 /// RING: $100--- $10,000 (est.) //// Hey, I Could Have Afforded the 1946 World Series, But Wasn't Alive. --Cooter

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Preparing for the World War I Centennial

From the March 9, 2012, Silver Coins Today "WWI Centennial Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins proposed" by Rhonda Key. //// Also, the House of Representatives in Congress introduced a bill calling for up to 350,000 coins to be issued in 2017 and the "World War I American Centennial Commemorative Coin Act H.R. 4107," sponsored by Representative Doug Lambora. The U.S. declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. The war had actually been going on since 1914. --Cooter

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Battle of Cape Santa Maria-- Part 2

The Spanish fleet had four frigates loaded with the payment treasure. They were attacked by four British ships. Upon sighting each other, the fleets got into line of battle. Within ten minutes of the start of the battle, the magazine of the Mercedes blew up, destroying the vessel and killing all but 40 of its crew. //// A short time later, two other Spanish ships surrendered and another was captured trying to get away. //// Spain declared war on Britain December 14, 1804. //// The Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes mounted 36 guns. //// I imagine the Mercedes could be considered a war grave as I am sure there are remains aboard it. //// --DaCoot

The Battle of Cape Santa Maria, 1804-- Part 1

From Wikipedia. //// Yetsreday, I wrote about the Spanish ship Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes sinking with all that gold and silver and the legal battle between the company that found the ship and Spain. It was sunk in the Battle of Cape Santa Maria which I had never heard of, so had to check it out. //// The battle, also called the Battle of Cape St. Mary, took place on October 5, 1804, off the coast of Portugal when a British squadron of ships attacked a Spanish one during a time of peace. //// A secret treaty had been signed between France and Spain calling for Spain to declare war on Britain at a future date. Until that happened, Spain was to make payments to France and the four Spanish ships were carrying that payment. But Britain found out about the secret treaty and decided to intercept the payment. //// Ahh, the Intrigue. Sounds Like Diplomacy. --Cooter

Deaths: Andy Pafko-- The Forlorn Outfielder At "Shot Heard Round the World"

From Oct. 9, 2013, AP. //// ANDY PAFKO, 92 //// Played on the LAST CUBS TEAM to go to the World Series, 1945. Also the "famously forlorn outfielder who watched Bobby Thompson's 'Shot Heard Round the World' sail over the left-field wall during tne 1951 National League playoff." //// Died Oct. 8th. //// Started with the Cubs at age 19 in 1945 and batted .298, helping them to the pennant. All-Star from 1947-1951. In 1950 hit .304 with 36 home runs and 92 RBI. Played with Brooklyn in 1950, then Milwaukee in 1953 and retired in 1959. Had three other World Series appearances against the Yankees. //// In 1998, his 1952 Topps baseball card (in mint condition) sold for $84,000. Babe Rith's 1933 card sold at the same auction for $32,485. //// Unfortunately, Mr. Pafko played before I was interested in baseball, but I'd heard of him. ////

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spain Gets the Gold (and Silver)

From the Feb. 25, 2012, The West (Australia) AFB "Spain to receive shipwreck treasure after legal battle." //// Tons of gold and silver from a Spanish ship that sank in 1804 and was discovered by a U.S. deep sea exploration company is on its way to Spain aboard two military planes. (You don't want those pesky pirates getting it, you know.) //// This ends a five-year legal battle between the Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. and Spain over treasure taken from the Spanish frigate Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, the most valuable treasure discovered in history, some 49,000 pounds of gold and silver. //// A British warship sank it off the Portuguese coast near the Strait of Gibraltar during the Battle of Cape Santa Maria in October 1804. (I've never heard of this battle, but expect it had something to do with the Napoleonic Wars.) //// Odyssey discovered the shipwreck in May 2007 and shipped the treasure to the United States without notifying the Spanish government. //// Roughly $500 million in coins, minted in Peru, were stored in a warehouse in Tampa along with religious images. //// Spain wanted the treasure back for some reason and courts said it had to be returned. (Hopefully, there was a finder's fee in there somewhere.) --Cooter

Top Ten Nearly Extinct Household Items

From the Feb. 22, 2012, Listverse. //// Well worth taking a look at this list with pictures and information on each one. Sadly, I remember many of these and perhaps worse, (or is it?) still have many of them. //// 10. Table Top Trays, 9. Hassocks, 8. Seasonal decorations (I don't agree with this one as I think people decorate more these days.), //// 7. Standing TV Sets and Antennas, 6. Sewing Machines, 5. Window and Floor Fans, 4. Storm and Screen Windows, //// Wall Telephones, 2. Playing Cards, 1. Burn Barrels. //// Extra Credit: S&H Green Stamps and Stuff. //// Gets You to Thinking. --Cooter

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Florence Green Dies: Last World War I Veteran

Actually, this happened February 4, 2012. Florence Green died at age 110, just 15 days before her 11th birthday and is thought to be the last living person to have served in the Great War (World War I). She was just 17 when she joined the WRAF (Women's Royal Air Force) and served as a mess steward (waitress) at RAF Marham and RAF Narborough bases. //// I carefully followed the last surving World War I veterans as they died. The last-known combat veteran, Claude Choules died in Australia in May 2011 at age 110. The last three veterans living in the UK were Harry Patch, Henry Allingham and Bill Stone who all died in 2009. //// The last living World War I veteran in the United States was Frank Buckles. You can see what I wrote about these people by clicking on the labels of their names. ////

Some More Wayne County Quakers

** From the //// Wayne County Quaker meetings. Only found two Quaker meetings in Wayne County, North Carolina: the Contentnea and the Neuse. //// Talk of the Town: Quakers Coming to Wayne County by Norman Williams-- Many early Wayne County settlers were Quakers. //// There is a place called Quaker Neck Lake in the southwest Goldsboro area. //// Waynesborough Park in Goldsboro has the relocated Bethany Quaker Church dating to 1878. It was moved there in 1990. //// I Sure Didn't Know There Was So Much Quaker History in Wayne County.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

See World War I Trenches in a Truck

From the February 13, 2012, Salt Lake (Utah) Tribune "Step into WWI trenches in 'big-rig' gallery visiting Utah." //// You can walk through a trench and examine a Colt machine gun which took a crew of seven to operate. //// An 18-wheeler truck will be at Salt Lake City's Fort Douglas Military Museum on Feb. 25th. Admission is free, but donations accepted. //// Waddell & Reed, a financial srevices company founded by two World War I veterans in 1937 created this traveling exhibit with the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. //// In it, you can see weapons, equipment, uniforms and even the flight suit and gear used by company co-founder Chauncey Waddell. //// The exhibit also features the contributions and roles of women, blacks and immigrants to the war effort. //// World War I resulted in the deaths of approximately 16.5 million with another 25 million wounded. In just over a year, the U.S. suffered 116,708 military deaths and even 757 civilian ones. //// This tour comes on the eve of the centennial commemoration of the war. //// You can check out their website at Waddell & Reed Traveling World War I Exhibit.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ten Things About Harvard-- Part 3

4. The Chairman of the National Defense Research Commission was Harvard President James Conant. This group oversaw scientific research that led to the Manhattan Project and the development of the atom bomb. //// 3. In a speech at Harvard in 1947, Secretary of State George C. Marsahll presented his MARSHALL PLAN. //// 2. The Crimson of Harvard fought in the Civil War with 1,662 donning the Union blue and 304 the Confederate gray. On the Union side, 100 were killed or died of wounds, 63 died of disease and 3 from accidents. On the Confederate side, 57 were killed or died of wounds, 12 died of disease a 1 died in an accident. //// EIGHT PRESIDENTS went to Harvard: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR and JFK received their bachelor degrees. George W. Bush received his MBA and Rutherford B. Hayes and Barack Obama received their law degrees. //// Quite a History. --DaCoot

Ten Things About Harvard-- Part 2

Guess I ought to finish this post since it started September 10th. //// 7. Eight alumni SIGNED the Declaration of Independence, including John Hancock and John Adams. //// 6. They are well-ENDOWED WITH MONEY, the most of any college. Asx of 2012, $30 billion. //// 5. NCAA FIRST-- had the first black player from 1892 and 1893. //// Four to Go. --Cooter

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some Other Contentneas

This last week, I have been writing about Quakers in Wayne County, North Carolina, and came across the name Contentnea. While looking for the definition of Contentnea, I came across quite a few places named that in North Carolina. Among them: Contentnea Township in Lenoir County, NC; Contentnea-Savannah School in Kinston, NC; Contentnea Creek Development Company in Raleigh, NC; Contentnea Creek near Griffin, NC and Contentnea Primitive Baptist Church in Wilson County, NC. -- Lots of Contentneas. --Cooter

Deaths: Twister

CHRIS FOLEY, 82 CO-CREATOR OF TWISTER //// From the July 11, 2013, Washington Post. //// Died July 1, 2013. Was a lifelong tinkerer and also invented Un-Du, an adhesive remover and designed plastic handcuffs and safety-tiooed darts. But most famous for the Milton Bradley game that has sold tens of millions of copies. //// He co-created it with artist Neal W. Rubens. They originally called it King Footsie. It was released in 1966. //// Milton Bradley first approached Sears to carry the game, but Sears declined saying it was too risky. Critics called it "Sex in a Box" because of contact which always came when playing it. I know it was a favorite at high school parties I attended for some reason. //// Milton Bradley was about to pull it for Christmas sale until the game made an appearance on the Tonight Show and Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor played it. After that, it took off.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Quaker Contentnea Quarterly Meeting

From Quakers, Friends Ancestry Site. //// The Contentnea Quarterly Meeting was established in 1788 and had ten monthly members, all in or near Wayne County, North Carolina: Bethany, Bethesda, Goldsboro, Hood Swamp, Neuse, Nahunta, New Hope, Oakland, Rhodes and Woodland. //// According to Dr.Rader, there are still Quaker churches in Goldsboro, New Hope, Rhodes and Woodland.

Contentnea?-- Nahunta?

Look as I may, I can't find out what Nahunta and Contentnea are as far as definitions. I did find many place names for both and I will list some of them in another post. I am not sure if the names have something Quaker-specific about them or not? If anyone can find out and klet me know, I'd be appreciative. --DaCoot

Wayne County, NC's Quakers-- Part 4

The original Contennea deed was dated in 1772, but was later lost in the courthouse fire in Kinston around 1878-1880. //// Nahunta (I always see signs for Nahunta Pork Center on US-70 west of Goldsboro) Meeting was a "very vibrant thriving community of Friends" dating back to the 1770s. Records show that meetings and marriages were held in homes in 1796. //// Nahunta and Contentnea alternated monthly meetings from 1851-1856. But, in 1856 Contentnea was "laid down" or ceased to exist due to lack of members. //// A number of Quaker churches still exist in the area, including: Rhodes Friends, Goldsboro Friends, New Hope Friends and Woodland Friends. //// And, I Didn't Even Know There Were Quakers in Wayne County.

"Rush"-- One Great Movie

Yesterday, I saw the new movie "Rush" at the Fox Lake (Il) Theatre. I had no idea what it was about going in, but soon found it to be on Formula One Racing and specifically the 1976 season. Other than Mario Andretti, I had never heard of the racers, including the two the film was about: Niki Lauda and James Hunt. //// These two were mighty competitors and even hated each other while respecting at the same time. //// I got a lot of history and have been reading up on them and the season in Wikipedia and I'd have to say that Ron Howard did a great job on the film. Great soundtrack as well. //// It was more than just a racing movie. //// Well Worth Seeing. --Cooter

Thursday, October 3, 2013

OK, What Is a Quaker MM?

Jimmy Peacock reported that the Contentnea MM and Cemetery had been found. But, what does the MM mean? I know that Quakers gather in Meeting Hoses, but that would be MH. I did come across MM standing for Monthly Meeting and believe that is what MM means in this case.

Quaker Contentnea in Wayne County, NC Found

I was born in Goldsboro and lived there until about age 5, but have been back many times. I've never heard of Contentnea before so did a little research. //// Roots-L-Archives. //// A Jimmy Peacock from Indiana was writing about the Contentnea MM in Wayne County, North Carolina on June 9, 2000. //// Dr. Doug Rader's wife is Lissa Peacock Rader of the Nahunta Peacocks. Is this a family relationship? //// He reported that the location of the Contentnea MM and Quaker Cemetery in Wayne County was found this day in a farmer's field. //// The farmer had been told by his father that one particular part of the farm had been the site of an old Quaker Cemetery and out of respect, the farmer had never grown crops on the site. //// Always Great to Find Lost History.

Wayne Count, NC's Quakers-- Part 3

Upon appearing in the Albemarle area of North carolina, the religion spread rapidly between 1720 and 1750 when Quakers were looking for places to settle. They ended up in Bath, Pasquotank, Perquimans counties. Between 1772 and 1856, many settled in the Contentnea community. Nearby Falling Creek and Quaker Neck also attracted a lot of Quakers. //// Quakers kept careful and very detailed records. They were very structured and had yearly meetings, which started in 1698. There was also regional quarterly meetings held in Eastern, Western, New Garden and Contentnea. //// Local monthly meetings were often held in somebody's house. ////

Wayne County NC's Quakers-- Part 2

Quakers in Wayne County, North Carolina date back to the 1740s. Dr. Rader said "At the end of the day, the argument I'm going to make is that our shared Quaker heritage resonates in Wayne County and beyond." //// In NC the Quaker influence can be seen in architecture, painting and even day-to-day words. //// In a short background, Rader said that Quakers are known for their silent worship, "Inner Light," refusal to bear arms or swear, high moral and ethical standards, strict common mores and simplicity in speech and diet. (Quaker Oats) They were against slavery and made every attempt to free them. //// The church is also known as Society of Friends in North Carolina. It first appeared in the state in the Albemarle area. //// I Didn't Know Some of This Stuff.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wayne County, NC's Quakers-- Part 1

From the September 15, 2013, Goldsboro (NC) News-Argus "Local Quakers' impact on county history examined" by Phyllis Moore. //// The speaker at the meeting, Dr. Doug Rader, is not a Quaker, but has gained a lot of expertise on them during his twenty years of genealogy research on his wife's family. //// His wife, Lissa Peacock Rader, of the Nahunta Peacocks, is from Fremont. He admits that his first exposure to Quakers, like most of us, was through the Quaker guy on boxes of Quaker Oats. I myself have come across their name often in the Revolutionary War and colonial times. //// Last week, representing the Wayne County Historical Association, Doug Rader spoke about "Contentea: The Quakers in Northern Wayne County." --

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The B-52s Are Still Around-- Part 5: Pop Culture

No other plane in the U.S. arsenal has been around as long. Other more technologically advanced have come and gone, but the relatively low-tech B-52 has remained. //// The bomber has also found its way into pop culture. There is a Kahlua-infused cocktail (never had one and gives new meaning to "Gettin' Bombed"), a beehive hairdo for women in the 1960s and a New Wave rock band out of Athens, Georgia, the B-52s, and their "Rock Lobster" and "Love Shack." A Nation, A Plane. ---DaCoot

The B-52s Are Still Around-- Part 4; But One Major Oops in Goldsboro, NC

Just recently, the government had declassified news about the B-52 which fell apart near Goldsboro, NC, in 1962. It was based out of the town's Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and literally fell apart--with two hydrogen bombs. An one came within one of four fail-safe items of actually exploding. //// Many of my family members live in Goldsboro, and at the time, I was living in nearby Greenville, NC. /// Maybe I could have used my nuclear disaster drills to good use that day. Let's see, get under your desk, head on the floor and hands clasped behind it, butt to the window. //// There is a good account of the incident on Wikipedia and a picture of one of the bombs. //// That Was Close-- Cooter

Deaths: The Interview-- Cleveland-- Nintendo

DAVID FROST, died Aug. 31, at age 74. I couldn't stand that accent or hair, but that was one great bit of sparring on the Nixon interview. THAT GUY IN CLEVELAND (who will go nameless) -- With the three women hostages. Good! HIROSHI YAMAUCH, 85. President of Nintendo since 1949. All those video games. I only have ever bought one video game and that was Pong. Also, majority owner of the Seattle Mariners.