Thursday, May 21, 2015

Big Fan of "Mad Men"

I am sure going to miss this show.  For me it was also a trip back to the 60s, a favorite time of mine.  It showed how much things have changed.  back then, most adults smoked and many did so on TV,  It now looks quite strange to see as much smoking and drinking.  Those guys (and gals) almost always had a cigarette or drink in hand.

I liked the road trip Don Draper was on at the end of the show.  Just going from place to place back in the 60s.

Plus, I liked the scene in the American Legion with all those World War II veterans.  Sadly, you rarely ever see a World War II veteran in Legions anymore as they are getting too old.

A Real trip Back.  --DaCoot

"Mad Men" Withdrawal-- Part 1

From the May 17, 2015, Parade Magazine "Staying Fab After Mad Men Ends edited by Erin Hill.

"From fedoras and mid-century modern to macrame and maxis, Mad Men has showcased 1960s style since it debuted in 2007.  Here's how you can enjoy the Mad Men look even after the Emmy-winning show ends tonight.

Go ahead and cry into your vintage martini glass as we say goodbye to Don Draper and friends on the AMC series' final episode.

DRINKS:  Martinis the way Roger Sterling Likes 'Em.

6 oz. premium vodka or gin
Splash dry vermouth
Olive skewer or twist of lemon peel for garnish

Fill a mixing glass 3/4 with ice.  Add vodka or gin and a splash of vermouth, and stir.  Strain into cilled martini glass
Serve and garnish with an olive, pickled onion or twist.

Recipe from AMC provided by the 21 Club in New York.

How Dry Rog and Don Were.  --Cooter

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Million-Dollar Penny

From the March 22, 2015, Parade Magazine.

A rare 1792 Birch Cent will be auctioned by Stack's Bowers during the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Spring Expo March 26-29 in Baltimore.

It's one of only a handful of the original coins still in existence that were produces just after the founding of the U.S. Mint.

One sold earlier this year for more than $2.5 million.

Follow Up:  It sold for $1.175 million.

Chump Change Indeed--  DaCoot

The '80s Live On

From the March 22, 2015, Parade Magazine.

Cruise down memory land with the special anniversary edition of "The Sure Thing" movie being released March 24th.  Actually, I've never heard of it before, but they say it was released thirty years ago and starred John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga and was described as the '80s road trip to end all road trips.

Here are some other notable '80s movies:

FOOTLOOSE--  "Everybody cut, everybody cut footloose."

THE BREAKFAST CLUB--  The flick that made detention cool.

SIXTEEN CANDLES--    Molly Ringwald at her sweetest.

FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF--  "Bueller?  Bueller?"

Two Words: Boom Box.  I Still have 'Em.  --Cooter

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here Are Those Definitions From the Last Post

I didn't recognize some of the words from the last post, so looked them up.

From #4:

Starveling--  poor in quality, inadequate

elfskin--  probably a misprint for eelskin as it only appears in the Henry IV play.  Eelskin means slimy.

pizzle--  penis of an animal, especially a bull.

stockfish--  cod or haddock, cured by splitting and air dried.

From #1

rampallian--  a mean wretch

fustilarian--  a low fellow, stinkard, scoundrel

I probably wouldn't use these two as what good is it to inselt someone who doesn't know what you're talking about.

Now You Know,  --DaCoot

Top Ten Shakespearean Insults To Whip Out At Parties-- Part 2

5.  "[My] face is not worth sunburning."  Henry V.

4.  " starveling, you elfskin, you dried neat's tongue, you bull's pizzle, you stockfish!"  Henry IV

3.   "I do desire that we be better strangers."  As You Like It  (My own favorite of the list.)

2.  "..beatle headed, flap eared knave."  The Taming iof the Shrew.

1.  "You rampallian!  You fustilarian!"  Henry IV, Part 2.

Looks like I'll have to look up some words.


Top Ten Shakespearean Insults To Whip Out At parties-- Part 1

From the Nov. 21, 2012, Listverse by Alex Daugherty.

10.  "And thous unfit for any place but hell."  Richard III

9.  "Clod of wayward marl"--  Much Ado About Nothing

8.  "You should be women, and yet your beard forbid me to interpret that you are so."  MacBeth

7.  "By mine honor, if I were but two hours younger, I'd beat thee.  Methinkst thou are a general offence, and every man should beat thee."  All's Well That Ends Well.

6.  "Tis brief, my woman's love."  Hamlet

Take That You Knave!  --DaCoot

Famous Birthday Centennials Celebrated This Year-- Part 4: Arthur Miller

Expect a lot of Arthur Miller productions this year because the playwright would have turned 100 on October 17th.

His "Death of a Salesman" will be staged in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Madison, Wis., and others.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Famous Birthday Centennials Celebrated This Year-- Part 3: Frank Sinatra

The new "Sinatra: An American Icon" exhibit of family photos, mementos, correspondence and other artifacts remain open at the New York Public Library until September 4th.

Other centennial toasts to Frank Sinatra, born Dec. 12. 1915, include the new Sinatra Select whiskey blend by Jack Daniels, the Why Sinatra Matters course at UCLA in may and the "Sinatra" stage show opening in London this summer.

You've got to love his music, especially that 50s and 60s output.


Famous Birthday Centennials Celebrated This Year-- Part 2: Muddy Waters

Southwest of Chicago, in Westmont, residents are observing 2015 as McKinley Morganfield's centennial year.  better known as Muddy Waters, father of Chicago Blues, he was born April 4, 1915 in Mississippi and lived his last ten years in Westmont.  However, when he was born, birth records were not kept very well o there is some disagreement as to the exact year of birth, but his centennial will be celebrated anyway..

The Westmont Centre is home to his performance outfits, his 1972 Grammy Award, Grammy nomination plaques and more.

Taste of Westmont, July 9-12, traditionally ends with a Muddy Waters Blues Tribute.

Right now, I am listening to Fessa John Hooks' Beach Music Reunion for 1958 and he has been playing some Muddy Waters songs.  Hear it at

Two of Muddy Waters' sons still play the blues and will be featured playing together at the Chicago Blues Festival in June.

I should also mention that Tom Marker's Bluesbreakers Show on Chicago's WXRT 93.1 FM will be expanded to two hours tonight from 8-10 p.m. CDST to honor B.B. King who died last week.

Blues You Can Use.  --RoadDog

Famous Birthday Centennials Celebrated This Year-- Part 1: Les Paul

From the April 19, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Happy birthday, Orson Welles: Celebrations to mark famous centennials" by Mary Bergin.

I wrote about Orson Welles on Saturday and today in my RoadDog's RoadLog Blog.


Guitar wizard LES PAUL, born June 9, 1915, will be celebrated in his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin.  He created and refined the solid-body electric guitar and is buried in Waukesha at the Prairie Home Cemetery after his death in 2009.

Gibson Guitar Corporation named Waukesha as the  world's eighth guitar town in 2012 and it is on the way to repeat the distinction for there consecutive years.  As a result , you will see 10-foot-tall fiberglass guitars around town and live music performances are always around, especially for Friday Night Live, June to October.

There is is an exhibit at the Waukesha County Museum devoted to Lester William Polsfuss, his birth name, who lived there until the age 17.  In it, on loan, is one of his "Logs," his early solid-body electric guitars.

Play That Air Guitar, Boy.  --Cooter

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beer Collectibles at Fox Lake Historical Society Today

I'm getting ready to leave for the meeting of the Fox Lake/Grant Township Historical Society meeting at the museum on Washington Street in Ingleside which starts at 9:30 a.m..

Today, Carl Flaks will be showing "Breweriana."  that would be his beer collectibles.  Kapella Distributors of Ingleside and Jack Olson's Bar in Big Hollow will also be topics of discussion.

Just the thing to do before starting the annual Chain Crawl of the Chain of Lakes later this afternoon.

Beer Me.  --Cooter

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Hotel Majestic in McHenry County

While at the McHenry County Historical Society in Union, Illinois, for the William Herndon presentation in April (Herndon was Lincoln's law partner in Springfield), I saw an interesting wooden sign up on the wall by the stage that read:
Modern Rooms Reasonable Rates

Hotel Majestic & Eat Shoppe

Chicken Dinner Every Saturday

J.L. Boze

I have been unable to find out any more information on this hotel, but would have to figure it was somewhere in McHenry County.


Fox Lake Historical Society Show and Tell-- Part 4: Big Hollow School

GRADUATION PORTRAIT, CLASS OF 1952--  Another person brought in a graduation class picture of their graduating class in 1952.  It was the largest graduating class up until that time with 14 students.  The site of Big Hollow  School, which was torn down a few years ago) was at the corner of Il-134 and US-12 south of Fox Lake.

CONFIRMATION CLASS PICTURE--  Another person brought in the Confirmation Class picture of the 1956 Ingleside Methodist Church Sunday School class (which met in a structure right next to the Fox lake/Grant Township Historical Society Hall and Museum which used to be the Grant Township Transportation Center).

Sunday School was held in the fire station across Washington Street from the church.  Bingo was played there Saturday nights and the boys had to come in early to air it out from all the cigarette smoke.  Plus, there would be a problem with spilled beer.

BEATLES-- I brought in several early albums by the Beatles as it was 50 years ago that Beatlemania was in full swing and the group was releasing albums as fast as they could.  Several people remarked of their early experiences with the group.


Fox Lake Historical Meeting March 21, 2015-- Part 3: The Mineola and Wrestling

Today's talk was Show and tell.  Takes you right back to your school days.  I always look forward to this as the folks bring in some real interesting stuff.

KEYS FROM THE MINEOLA HOTEL--  This is the grand old lady of the Chain of Lakes located in Fox Lake and, sadly, fast deteriorating.  A set of brass keys used on the bigger rooms was shown by Paul Jackstas, son of the owners and brother of current owner, Pete.  His parents took over the hotel in 1943.

They signed a three-year lease in 1943 and would close the place in the fall and reopen it in the spring.  They bought the place in 1948.  His family lived in rooms in back of the hotel.

He said they had skeleton keys which would open any door at the Mineola.

WRESTLING POSTER--  Wrestling was real big in the Fox Lake area in the 1960s and 1970s.  Wrestling posters would be stapled to area telephone poles.  The Chain of Lakes American Legion even today hosts POWW Wrestling events on an almost monthly basis and draws well.  Great entertainment for your $15.

--Full Nelson Boy.  --PinCooter

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fox Lake Historical Society Meeting, March 21, 2015-- Part 2: Business

We are urged to have e-mails sent of announcements as it saves postage and printing.  Right now, some 140 e-mails are sent each month and 40 letters.

Visitor Count:
 January--  161
February--  72

Last year there were a total of 1,120 visitors.

Once a month, the Republican Club meets in the hall.

Attendance today for the meeting is 32.

Paul is looking for the names of famous and notable people from the area.  Someone who has accomplished something.  So far he has professional baseball and football players and former Illinois Governor William Stratton.

The building that houses the hall and museum is over 100 years old and needs exterior work, especially in relation to the upstairs windows.

Last Monday was the 38th anniversary of the Town Theatre blowing up in Fox Lake.

Fox Lake/Grant Township Historical Society Meeting March 21, 2015-- Part 1

History of the Chain of Lakes.

Sports Clubs of the late 1800s/early 1900s located in the Chain of Lakes in Illinois often became hotels as in the case of the Waltonian, Mineola, Last Resort and Columbia Hotel.

This last one began in 1887 as the Columbian Pleasure Club, but that had a different meaning from what we might expect a pleasure club to be today.  In 1896, the Columbian Pleasure Club had a big fire which burned down two large dorms where a concrete home now sits near the Gateway House near Electric harbor bar and motel. and the channel leading to petite Lake from Fox Lake.

I always love these little tidbits of lost history, especially since we do so much boating on the Chain of Lakes.