Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Comparing Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning Fans-- Part 3

Category, Blackhawks, Lightning:

Share, Local Sports Ticket Sales:  37%, 25%

Next Favorite Sports Ticket:  Cubs 35%, Rays 39%

Cheesy Slogan:  "One Goal:, "Be the Thunder"  OK, let's keep the Wisconsin folks out of the discussion.

Cheesy Celebrity Fan:  Vince Vaughn, Hulk Hogan

Cheesy Song:  "Chelsea Dagger", "Hockey Paradise" by Seven Williams and the Brandt Brothers

Facebook: 2.5 million likes, 457,000 likes

Twitter:  915,000 Followers, 245,000 followers

Favorite Chant:  "Detroit Sucks", "I Believe That We Will Win"

There You Have It.  --DaCoot

Comparing Blackhawk and Lightning Fans-- Part 2

Category, Blackhawk Fans, Lightning Fans

Median Age:  45, 50

Median Income:  $77,000, $62,000

Median Home Value:  $219,000. $176,000

Male/Female:  59%/41%, 68%.32%

College Degree:  35%, 36%

Minority:  34%, 25%

Average Regular-Season Ticket Price on StubbHub:  $200m $60

Sales Rank (I'm Guessing NHL):  2nd, 15th


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comparing Blackhawk and Lightning Fans-- Part 1

From the June 7, 2015, Chicago Tribune "The fans face off" by Phil Thompson.

A look at the upcoming Stanley Cub Championship games back then.


449--  Percent growth in the Hawks' fan base since 2007 (including us), the largest increase in any major American sports team during that time.  It has grown another 6% since last season.  Before 2007, the Blackhawks were essentially a forgotten team.

41--  Persent decline in the Lightning's following since their all-time high in 2004 when they won the Stanley Cup.

50--  Percent of adult Chicagoans who are Hawks fans, one of only three U.S. based NHL franchises with 50 percent or higher market penetration.  The other two are Pittsburgh and Buffalo.  Only the Bears, with 60 percent, have a larger following in Chicago.  (Even ahead of the Cubs.)

19--  Percent of Tampa Bay-area residents who are Lightning fans.  Their base ranks behind the rays and Buccaneers, both at 19 percent.

Maybe This Was the Reason the Lightning Front Office tried Si hard to Keep hawk Fans Away.  --Cooter

Monday, June 29, 2015

New, Chilling Video Clip of the Eastland Tragedy Found-- Part 2

Continued from June 19th.

Ot took days for professional divers to recover the bodies (844 of them).  Searching a sunked ship that is pitch-black, almost the size of a football field, four stories tall and on its side in the Chicago River is no easy task.  The first-known clips of footage was found this month by a University of Illinois graduate student.

Television reports of the find prompted Northern Illinois University (my old school) master's degree candidate Alex Revzan to search through a British online newsreel archive.    The videos were not indexed so it took Revzan 90 minutes to go through hundreds of clips before he found one among several clips about shipwrecks.

Ted Wachholz, executive director of the Eastland Disaster Historical Society  he believed that even more footage might be found.  He said that hundreds of photos have been donated to them, but nothing mad ethe disaster more real than this recently discovered videos.

And, next month Will mark the 100th Anniversary of the Eastland Tragedy.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Jaws" Turns 40-- Part 6: Spielberg Makes His Getaway

22.  Richard Dreyfus was not available to shoot the close-up of Hooper's face when he saw the shark coming at the cage so his stunt-double Frank Sparks had a Dreyfus-sized beard and was used instead.

23.  For the scene of the shark plunging to the bottom, Spielberg blended in the sound of a roaring dinosaur.

24.  Spielberg heard that the crew was going to throw him in the water at the end of the 5 1/2-month shoot.  He wore leather and suede clothing hoping that would stop them that last day.  Just to be safe, he slipped away to a ferry and headed quickly to a waiting car.  He leaned out the window and yelled, "I shall NOT return" as it pulled away.

25.  In order to secure a PG rating instead of R, Spielberg had to cit a few frames from the scene where the boater's leg was bitten off.

And, now it seems sharks are having their own salute to the movie's 40th anniversary off the coast of North Carolina.

Don't Go Into the Water.  --Cooter

Friday, June 26, 2015

"Jaws" Turns 40-- Part 5: "Here Lies the Body...."

17.  The naughty limerick Quint says before the Orca leaves to go after the shark: "Here lies the body of Mary Lee/died at the age of 107/For 15 years she kept her virginity/Not a bad record for this vicinity." was lifted from a tombstone Shaw had seen in Ireland.

18.  To pass time on the set, Spielberg and Dreyfus would sing songs by Stan Freberg.

19.  For the Orca, an old boat named the Warlock was secired.  Bit Spielberg felt it lacked character and replaced the entire wheelhouse.  Most crucially though, he added big windows on all sides so viewers would see ocean everywhere they looked-- a movie that highlighted just how isolated the three men were.

20.  The famous USS Indianapolis speech was filmed twice.  The first time Shaw was too drunk to tell it correctly.

21.  For Hooper's underwater cage scene Spielberg needed film of a real Great White.  The film he got was of one only 14-feet long, ten feet shorter than the movie one.  So he hired 4'9" stuntman Carl Rizzo and placed him a in a miniature cage.

The Ship the Navy Forgot.  --Cooter

Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Jaws" Turns 40-- Part 4: "Hey Baby, I'm a Star!!"

12.  To record Susan Backalinic's screams (she was the first one the shark attacked), Spielberg stood above the actress with a bassinet full of water and poured it over he mouth as she yelled.

13.  Dreyfus became a star during the filming with his role in "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" which opened and he used this fame to try to pick up women during the filming.

14.  The 13-foot tiger shark reeled in was a real shark, caught in Florida, packed in ice and shipped to Martha's Vineyard where it sat on the dock for four days, making an awful stench.

In revenge, islanders left shark carcasses at the homes of the producers.

15.  To make the blood as distinctive as possible, Spielberg ordered that no other bright red objects could be filmed in the same scene.

16.  Three mechanical sharks, each weighing in at a ton and a half and costing about 150,000 apiece were used.They would sometimes sink and one had its hydraulics explode.  They also became discolored from exposure to the sea.

And, We're Not Finished Yet.  --CootShark

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Jaws" Turns 40-- Part 3: Marvin's Going Fishing

7.  Another Spielberg scene that was cut for the beginning of the movie was the harbor master sitting in a shack and watching the 1957 World War II movie "Don't Go Near the Water.  While he stares at the scene, you see the masts of the boats start to rocking and the shark's wake.  The shark eventually attacks him.

8.  Spielberg also wanted two characters from his 1974 comedy "The Sugarland Express" to be beachgoers.

9.  Jon Voight was originally approached to play Hooper, but he turned it down.  Also Timothy Bottoms and Jeff Bridges and then Richard Dreyfus were asked, but all turned it down as well.  But later Dreyfus approached Spielberg and asked it the part was still open.

10.  Spielberg wanted Lee Marvin to play Quint, but was turned down, supposedly because Marvin wanted to go "fishing for real."  Producers suggested Shaw be given the part who had just recently been in "The Sting."

11.  Actress Susan Backlinic played the doomed swimmer Chrissie Watkins in the opening scene.  She was supposed to recite "The Lord's Prayer" as she was being pulled against the buoy, but neither she nor any of the others on set could remember the words.

Then, There Was That Scary Music.  --Don'tGoNeartheWatererCooter

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Jaws" Turns 40-- Part 2: No "Moby-Dick"

4.  Numerous story lines offered the movie by Peter Benchley were turned down.

5.  Steven Spielberg wrote his own draft.  He had Quint in an Amity movie theater, at the beginning of the movie,watching the 1956 movie "Moby-Dick."  He starts laughing loudly and people leave.  He is then all alone.

6.  Spielberg approached Gregory Peck, the star of "Moby-Dick" and also that movie's producer for permission to use the clip at the beginning of his movie but was turned down.  After "Jaws'" success, Peck's film was rereleased in 1975 with the tagline "Before the shark, there was the whale."

The Great White Whale.  --Cooter

Monday, June 22, 2015

Championship Droughts-- Part 4

MINNEAPOLIS-- (Timber Wolves, Twins, Vikings)  24 years.  The Vikings have been to two NFC Title games and the Timber Wolves were at the Western Conference Title finals in 2004.  The Twins were in the 1991 World Series.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--  (Capitals, Nationals, Redskins, Wizards)  The Redskins won in '82, '87 and '91.  The Capitals competed in the World Series in 1998.

HOUSTON--  (Astros, Rockets, Texans)  20 years.  The Rockets had back-to-back championships in the mid-1990s.  The only championship appearance since then were the Astros in 2005 (when they were swept by the Chicago White Sox)

ATLANTA--  (Braves, Falcons, Hawks)  20 years.  The Braves were a big tease in the 90s, routinely winning the NL East and N.L. title, but losing in the World Series other than 1995.  Falcons and Hawks have had just one championship appearance between them, the Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII.

Of course, as far as I am concerned, appearing in a championship game, even if you don't win, is pretty good.

Oh Well.  --DaCoot

Championship Drought-- Part 3

KANSAS CITY--  (Chiefs, Royals)  30 years.  Royals almost ended drought last year, losing in game 7 to San Francisco.  It was their first championship appearance since the 1985 World Series.

OAKLAND--  (A's, Raiders, Golden State Warriors).  This drought, of course, was snapped last week when the Warriors defeated the LeBron.  Before that it had been 26 years.  None of the Warriors were alive the last time when they last won in 1975.  The Raiders were in Los Angeles when they won their last Super Bowl in 1984.  The A's didn't have a parade with their last World Series championship in 1989, following the earthquake.

CINCINNATI--  (Bengals, Reds)  25 years  Last win was Reds in 1990 World Series when they swept the A's.

PHILADELPHIA--  (Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, 76ers)  Recently snapped (seven years ago), but 25 years before that.  The Eagles have been a big tease with 4 straight appearances in NFC Title games.  They were in Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, but lost..  The last champion 76ers was 1983 and the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.

And, then There Are our Cubbies.  --Cooter

Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Jaws" Tuns 40-- Part 1: Steven's Lawyer's Name

From the 6-18-15 Yahoo! Movies "25 Deep-Dive Facts About 'Jaws,' the Wildest, Most waterlogged Movie Shoot of All Time" by Brian Raftery.

It was released to day, 40 years ago, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Peter Benchley's successful 1974 book.  It starred Roy Schneider as Brody, Robert Shaw as Quint and Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper, who go out to battle the great white shark.  The mechanical sharks that had the part were all named Bruce, after Spielberg's lawyer.

Go to site for photos, video and more information.

1.  Peter Benchley originally considered dozens of names for his book like Leviathan Rising, Dreadful Silence, Dark White and Edge of Gloom before settling on Jaws.

2.   The producer spent $150,000 for the film rights to the book.

3.  The book sold 5.5 million copies by the time the movie premiered.

I never worry when I'm in the ocean unless I hear those ominous sounds.  Then I get out.

See What happens When You Go Swimming in the Nude.  --DaCoot

Championship Drought: Cities With 20 Years or More-- Part 2

And for a long time, Chicago could be counted in this list.  And, as I pointed out Thursday, we still would be if it were up to the Cubs and, until 2005, the White Sox.  Time for our baseball teams to get on board.

MILWAUKEE--   (Brewers, Bucks)  44 years.  OK, that Green Bay team is sometimes counted as Milwaukee and that would make a difference, but, Green Bay is 116 miles away.  Bu the way, the Bears passed on that Aaron guy for Jay.  The Bucks, with that Kareem guy won the NBA in 1971.  Milwaukee was last represented in a championship game when the Brewers lost to the Cardinals in the 1982 World Series.

NEW ORLEANS--  (Pelicans, Saints), 42 years.  Okay, recently snapped in 2010 by the Saints and that Drew guy who the Bears passed on for Jay.

SEATTLE--    (Mariners, Seahawks)  Okay, recently snapped by the Seahawks with that outstanding qb who the Bears took a bye on so they could keep Jay, but before that, it was 42 years.  The Supersonics, now Oklahoma City Thunder, won the NBA title in 1979 and came close to back-to-back Super Bowl wins except for that call near the end.  Still waiting for a World Series Appearance.

There Are Still More.  Waiting and Waiting.  --SoTiredCooter

Friday, June 19, 2015

New, Chilling Video Clip of Eastland Tragedy Found-- Part 1

From the Feb. 26, 2015, Chicago Tribune "New, more chilling video clip emerges of Eastland tragedy" by Meredith Rodriguez.

A new film clip of the 1915 SS Eastland disaster on the Chicago River in downtown Chicago has surfaced just weeks after the first-known footage emerged.  This one shows the grim fate of the 844 people who died in the capsizing.

The Eastland Historical Society on Wednesday announced the discovery of the footage, which shows victims' bodies being pulled out of the hull and from the river.  The Eastland had been ferrying thousands of Western Electric Co. employees to a company picnic in Michigan City, Indiana when it rolled over at its wharf.  This footage is much different from the first two clips released

This clip shows a young woman in a white dress being pulled from the hull.  Then it shows people being pulled out of the river.

The 65-second clip which can be seen at the Eastland Disaster Historical Society's site shows how rescue efforts were performed.  Rescuers had to search through the dark interior of the ship underwater amid the debris, furniture, deck chairs and boxes.

This July Will mark the 100th Anniversary of the Tragedy.  --Cooter

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Championship Drought: Cities That Have Gone 20 Years or Longer

From Yahoo!  "Championship starved cities: 20 years or longer without a title."

Just imagine how bad Chicago would be if we only had the Cubs.  Last one in '07 and I'm not talking about 2007.  Go to 1907.

SAN DIEGO--  (Chargers, Padres)  52 years now.  The Chargers won the 1963 AFL Crown and the Padres twice went to the World Series with Tony Gwynn, but lost.  (In 1984 they advanced to the World Series by beating our Cubs.)  The Chargers were in one Super Bowl.

CLEVELAND---  (Browns, Cavaliers and Indians)  51 years now.  Browns won NFL Championship in '64.  And, even Mr. Wonderful, the James, couldn't get the Cavs the NBA Championship on Tuesday.

BUFFALO---  (Bills and Sabres)  50 years now.  Despite four straight Super Bowl appearances and 3 Stanley Cup Finals.  Last champion, the Bills winning the AFL Championship in 1965.

And, There Are More.  --Cooter

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How Chicago's Marquette Building Got Its Name

From the Jan. 15, 2013, Yahoo! News by Michelle Burton.

The Marquette Building in Chicago was designed by William Holabird, Martin Roche and Edward Renwith of Holabird & Roche architects and built by the George A. Fuller Company.  Completed in 1895, it joined other building built by George Fuller such as the Monadnock, Tribune Tower, Fair Building and Marshall Fields.

It is a work of art both inside and out.

Numerous efforts have been made, nonetheless, to tear it down.

in case you're wondering, it was named after French explorer, Father Jacques Marquette, a missionary, who along with Louis Jolliet, were the first Europeans to see what is today Chicago.

Today, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation owns it and there is a permanent display of the building's history in the lobby.

It is located at 140 S. Dearborn.

So, Now You Know.  --Cooter

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still Distilling After All These Years-- Part 2: Laird & Co.

From Wikipedia.

Laird & Co. is located in the Scobeyville Section of Colt's Neck Township, New Jersey,and was founded by Robert Laird.  It is the oldest licensed distillery in the United States, receiving License No. 1 from the Treasury Department in 1780.

Robert Laird served in the Continental Army during the Revolution under George Washington.  before the war, Washington had written Laird asking him for the recipe of "cyder spirits."

Apples used in its famous Applejack come from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Abraham Lincoln served Laird's Applejack at his tavern in New Salem, Illinois.  It cost 12 cents a half pint.  Lodging for the night was 12 1/2 cents and a meal was 25 cents.

AbeJack.  --DaJackCoot