Friday, January 6, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 4: Sonny James, George Martin and Keith Emerson

VIOLA BEACH--  Died Feb. 13.  Band and Manager.  Died when her car plunged off a bridge.
DENISE MATTHEWS--  57.  Died Feb. 15.  Lead singer of Vanity 6.
SONNY JAMES--  87.  Died Feb. 22.  More than twenty #1 country hits.

CHARLIE TUNA--  71.  Died Feb. 19.    Southern California radio personality and TV host.
JOEY MARTIN FEEK--  40.  Died March 4.    Member of country duo Joey and Rory.
GEORGE MARTIN--  90.  Died March 8.  The Fifth Beatle.

ANDREW LOOMIS--  Died March 8.  Drummer and founding member of Dead Moon.
JOHN MORTHLAND--  68.  Died March 8.  Rock Critic with Rolling Stone magazine.
KEITH EMERSON--  71.  Died March 10.  Keyboardist and founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

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