Friday, January 27, 2017

Chicago's Blizzard of '67-- Part 1: The Warm Before the Storm

From the January 25, 2017,  Chicago Tribune "Blizzard of 1967 shut down Chicago," by Nereida Moreno.

Yesterday marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Blizzard of '67, as it has come to be known.  It started January 26th and ended 29 hours later on January 27.  Twenty-three inches of snow fell.

And, this was the impact on a city that was ready for snow in winter.  Not some southern city where an inch shuts down everything.

Earlier in the week, temperatures were unseasonably high, topping out at 65 degrees on January 25, 1967, a very unusually warm day for a Chicago January.  Local weather news predicted at least 4 inches of snow the next day, Thursday, January 26..  However, in Chicago, if you get that warm of a day in the winter, WATCH OUT!!  Something's on its way.

Everyone was getting a case of spring fever.  I wasn't much as I could only go to school and back home as I had broken my leg in wrestling practice back in December.

We had about an inch of snow here yesterday, and snow flurries afterwards, but no more accumulation.  However, eerily, the temps last week were in the 50s and lower 40s earlier this week.

Build Me a Snowman.  --Cooter

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