Thursday, January 5, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 2: David Bowie

JOSEPH CECIL "RED" SIMPSON--  81.  Died Jan. 8.  Country singer noted for his truck songs.
JOHN BERRY--  Jan. 9.  Co-founder of band Idaho.
DAVID BOWIE--  69.  Died Jan. 10.

GIORGIO GOMELSKI--  81,  Died Jan. 13.  Music manager, songwriter, record producer.  Manager of Rolling Stones and Yardbirds.
RENE ANGELIL--  73.  Died Jan. 14.  Singer, music manager, husband of Celine Dion.
GARY LORRIZO--  70.  Died Jan. 16.  Lead singer of Chicago band American Breed.  recording engineer of REO Speedwagon, Styx, Bad Company.

KEVIN JUNIOR-- 46.  Died Jan. 17.  Founder and lead singer of the Chicago band Chamber Strings.
CLARENCE REID "BLOWFLY"--  76.  Died Jan. 17.  Known as the original "Dirty Rapper."
DALE GRIFFIN--  67.  Died Jan. 17.  Mott the Hoople drummer.

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