Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 1: Otis Clay

From Yahoo! Music.

Some of these I had heard of, others not.

NATALIE COLE--  December 31, 2015
JASON MACKENROTH-- 46, drummer with Rollins Band
PAUL BLEY--  83, jazz

JOHN THURMAN HUNTER, JR.--  Performed as Long John Hunter, blues guitarist
CRAIG STRICKLAND--  29, Died Jan. 4.  In country band Backroad Anthem.
ROBERT BALSER--  88.  Died Jan. 4.  Animation director for Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" movie.

ROBERT STIGWOOD--  81.  Died Jan. 4.  Managed Cream, Eric Clapton and Bee Gees.
NICHOLAS CALDWELL--  71.  Died Jan. 5.  Founding member of Whispers
OTIS CLAY--  73.  Died Jan. 8  Soul and blues.

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