Thursday, January 5, 2017

Music Stars We Lost in 2016-- Part 3: Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner and Maurice White

GLENN FREY--  67.  Died Jan. 18.
JIMMY BAIN--  68.  Died Jan. 24.  Played bass with Dio and Rainbow.

PAUL KANTNER--  74,  Died Jan. 28.  Guitarist and co-founder of Jefferson Airplane.
SIGNE ANDERSON--  74.  Died Jan. 28.  Jefferson Airplane's original vocalist before Grace Slick.  Tow original members of the Jefferson Airplane dying on the same day.  I did not know that the Airplane had another female singer before Grace Slick.

JOHN BUNCH--  46.  Died Feb. 1.  Vocalist for Sense Field and Further Seems Forever.
BIG KAP--  45.  Died Feb. 3.  Deejay in NYC rap scene.

MAURICE WHITE--  74.  Died Feb. 4.  Earth Wind & Fire founder.
BRAD KENT--  Died Feb. 3.  Guitarist with Victorian Pork and D.O.A.
DAN HICKS--  74.  Died Feb. 6.  American Roots Music.

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