Friday, July 1, 2016

White Star Line-- Part 2: Joined With Cunard Line

In 1934, the White Star Line merged with its chief rival, the Cunard Line and the two then became known as the Cunard-White Line.  I always get the two two confused and often refer to the Titanic as a Cunard ship.

In 1950, the Cunard Line then began to operate solely by itself and did so until 2005.  It is now part of the Carnival Corporation.  So, when you go on a Carnival Cruise, you are on s hip whose company history goes back to the Titanic and into the 1800s.

Cunard ships now use the term White Star to describe the level of customer care expected.  In other words, a lot.

The first White Star Company was established in 1845 in Liverpool and focused on the United Kingdom-Australia trade routes.

Crusing With the Coot--  Cooter

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