Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Illinois' Camp Logan-- Part 2: So, What Are "Butt Houses?"

From the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

By 1892, with no major world threats around, 1/3 of Illinois' militia were stationed around Chicago where the need for a quick deployment was needed in case of labor strife  In 1892, the Illinois state legislature purchased a 220-acre tract of land in a desolate area north of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan for construction of a rifle range and a training area.  An additional 40 acres were purchased in 1899.

Construction of buildings began in 1893.  By 1900, 4 regimental barracks, range offices, a headquarters office, mess hall, kitchen, tool house, barn, 8 butt houses (equipment storage sheds incorporated into an earthen/concrete berm, or "butt" behind the targets on the range).


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