Friday, July 8, 2016

North Carolina Shrimp Was a Really Big Deal-- Part 1: Big Business

From the June 18, 2016, Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer "Past Times" by Teresa Leonard.

Owners and operators of a large fleet of boats go out everyday from coastal points, searching for "white gold" as they call the wily shrimp.  And they have lots of buyers, many from New York to go to northern markets on ice.

Many other Tar Heel shrimp go to processing plants in other states as there are few in state.  There they are breaded, frozen and shipped nationwide.

How many shrimp are caught varies, but in 1965, some 5.4 million pounds were caught for $1.7 million. Today, it is the #1 dollar-making fishing catch.

Traditionally, the North Carolina shrimping season opens when they have grown big enough for 40 of them (70 with heads pinched off) to make a pound.

A Real Shrimp-Lover Here.  --Cootshrimp

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