Thursday, July 7, 2016

Illinois Beach State Park: Not a Civil War Prison

From Wikipedia.

Illinois Beach State Park was established in 1948 with both North and South Units that stretch for six and a half miles along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The Northern Unit was previously Camp Logan which I have been writing about in recent posts.

The Wikipedia account and another account says that Camp Logan was also a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War.  I had never heard that there was a Civil War prison there (and I am quite a big Civil War buff).

The Illinois in the Civil War site does not list it as a prison.  It does give the name of four prisons where captured Confederates were kept in the state:  Alton Penitentiary, Camp Butler (Springfield) Camp Douglas (Chicago) and Rock Island Prison.

And, besides that, Camp Logan wasn't established until 1892, long after the Civil War.


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