Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Illinois' Camp Logan-- Part 3: Echelon and Aiken

Echelon Target System and Aiken targets were used.  An Echelon Target System was a rifle range with various distances to the targets.  Soldiers would qualify at the 200 yard one and proceed every 100 yards to as far as he could successfully hit the Aiken targets.

Use of Camp Logan by the Illinois National Guard was heavy from 1902 on.

There was also live fire by artillery and Gatlin guns.  During World War I, the nearby Great Lakes Naval Training Station took over Camp Logan for overflow.  The WPA made improvements from 1934-1937.

Great Lakes used the base again during World War II.

The caretakers cottage and pump house from the 1890s are still there.  there is also a flagpole, 2 garages, headquarters, one barracks as well as one tool and two store rooms remaining from the 1910s.


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