Wednesday, July 13, 2016

101-Year-old Message in a Bottle Finally Arrives in 2014

From the February 8, 2014, Yahoo! News "Return to sender: 101-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Finally Arrives" by Jaime Lutz.

It was thrown into the ocean in 1913 and recently found by a fisherman off the coast of Germany.  It was returned to Richard Platz's granddaughter, Angela Erdman, 62.

It was found last month by fisherman Kourad Fischer and was mostly indecipherable, but the address and name were clear as is his request to have it forwarded back to him.

Thought to be the oldest message in a bottle in the world, it was written when Plate was 20 years old.  He died at age 54.

Erdmann never met her grandfather, but has heard a lot of stories about him.


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