Saturday, July 9, 2016

N.C. Shrimp Was a Really Big Deal-- Part 2: Using the "Try" Net

Any good shrimper knows that it is best to go for the sea bottoms that the little jumping jacks prefer.  This may be mud, clay, sand or shell.  Usually, shrimpers will throw out the "try" net, which is smaller and more easily handled than the big net.  If the quantity of shrimp brought up then is big enough, then the main net goes out.  Then begins the long, slow drag along the ocean floor.

The trawl then gets heavily weighed down with not only shrimp but small fish and all sots of sea life like conchs to starfish as well as other stuff..  A power winch is used to haul it in where the contents are unceremoniously dumped out on the stern deck and the process of sorting the shrimp out begins.

Most shrimp boats bring their catch in in iced-holds.  Shrimp heads are either taken off on the boat or on shore because spoilage occurs faster if they are left on.  The bigger the shrimp, the fewer  there are in a pound and the higher the price.


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