Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ten of the World's Most Unusual Towns-- Part 2: Watch Out for the Polar Bears

5.  ORDOS, China.  Inner Mongolia, China  Built for over one million people, but only 2% of it was ever occupied.  Built 20 years ago for a coal rush.  It is the largest ghost town in China.

4.  LONGYEARBYEN, Norway.  Northernmost city in the world.  If a person is found to be dying, they are flown out to another part of Norway to do so.  Bodies buried there do not decompose because of the extreme cold.  Citizens here are allowed to tote rifles around with them because of the some 3,000 polar bears also living there.

3.  ASYMMETROC WARFARE TEACHING CENTERAWTC in Virginia.  This town is uninhabited and built by the Army to train soldiers for duty in Afghanistan and Iraq villages.

2.  MARLOTH PARK,  South Africa.  Wild animals from Kruger National Park.

1.  HALLSTAT, China.  The real Hallstat in in Austria and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This one in Chona is a mock-up town built for $940 million to look just like the one in Austria.


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