Friday, August 12, 2016

Illinois' Chain of Lakes-- Part 9: Boating on the Chain

Navigation on the Chain of Lakes from Lake Catherine all the way down to Pistakee Lake (as well as the Fox River from Pistakee Lake to Algonquin), is a favorite summertime activity for thousands.  And, there are sure a lot of boats out on the water on the weekends.  We rarely go out on the weekends, preferring the much smaller crowd during the week.  But we have always been lucky as we were teachers so had summers off.

It was actually a part-time job that I had that got us into boating.  I did not grow up with boats as have many of the kids on the Chain.  I always thought owning a boat was a huge waste of money.  (Well, it sure isn't cheap!)

However, back in 1982, I started a deejay business and played many gigs at Neptune's Cove on Fox Lake and Eagle Point Park (the Puppet Bar, so named for the many puppets that sprang into movement when one particular polka was played) on Pistakee Lake.

Those boaters were having so much fun, I finally decided to get a boat and have had one ever since 1985.  We are now on our third boat, but I imagine this one will be my last one.


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