Friday, August 12, 2016

Illinois' Chain of Lakes-- Part 8: The Lakes

Of the 15 lakes, 10 are connected by the Fox River:  Lake Catherine, Nippersink Lake, Lake Marie, Grasslake, Bluff Lake, Fox Lake, Pistakee Lake, Channel Lake, Petite Lake and Redhead Lake.  (Some people also say Spring Lake between Lake Marie and Petite Lake is also a lake, but it is more of a wide spot in the channel.

The other five lakes are Duck Lake, Long Lake, Spring Lake (this might be the one I mentioned in the earlier paragraph), Dunn's Lake and Brandenburg Lake.

These last five are connected not by the Fox River but by small channels.

This weekend, we plan to be at Cabana's on the Chain on Pistakee Lake, and Rally by the Lake on Nippersink Lake (old cars) and the Keeping the Spirit of 45 Alive at Veterans Park in McHenry (one block from the Fox River).

So, you can see, we are very much involved in the Chain of Lakes.


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