Friday, August 26, 2016

AP's All-Time Top 100 Poll for College Football-- Part 1: Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Nebraska, LSU

As we approach another college football season.

From the August 25, 2016, Kenosha (Wis) News "Ohio State tops AP's all-time Top 100 poll" by Ralph D. Russo.

The AP had their first college Top20 in 1936 and since then, have taken 1,103 polls in which 164 schools have been ranked.

To determine this list (and, I'll only list the teams I like, AP counted one point per appearance to mark consistency, No. 1 rankings (one bonus point) and AP Championships won (10 points)

NO. 2:  OKLAHOMA--  Total Points 1,055--  Best Decade--  1950s, Worst Decade--  1960s

NO. 3:  NOTRE DAME--  Total Points: 1,042  Best Decade 1940s--  Worst Decade 2000s

NO. 6:  NEBRASKA--  Total Points: 901  Best Decade- 1990s--  Worst Decade 1950s

NO. 11:  LSU-- Total Points: 655   Best Decade- 2000s--  Worst Decade- 1950s

These Are Top Ten Teams I Never Root For:  #1 Ohio State (Total Points:1,112), #4 Alabama, #5 USC, #7 Michigan, #8 Texas, #9 Florida State and #10 Florida.


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