Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Greatest Cubs Team Ever-- Part 7: First Base

From the July 3, 2016, Chicago Tribune.


CAP ANSON--  22 seasons with Cubs  Hit .331 during that time.  Led league in batting four times, including a .399 mark in 1881.  Led league in RBIs eight times.  Played in two World Series for the Cubs.

BILL BUCKNER--  Eight seasons with Cubs.  Batted .300 or better 4 times, including league-leading .324 in 1980.

PHIL CAVARRETTA--  NL MVP in 1945 and led league with .355 BA.  Twenty seasons with Cubs and batted .292 during that time.

MARK GRACE--  Batted .308 and drove in 1,004 runs as a Cub.  Known for his good eye, as a Cub had 946 walks and 561 strike outs.

DERREK LEE--  Two-times All-Star and two Gold Gloves.  In 2005 hit a career-high 46 homers, 107 RBIs and led majors with a .335 BA.

Although I'm a BIG Bill Buckner fan, I have to go with Cap Anson.

A Little before My Time, Though.  --Cootson

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