Friday, May 28, 2010

Dead Page Oldest Medal of Honor Winner

JOHN FINN 1909-2010

World War II hero was oldest Medal of Honor recipient

From May 28th Tribune Newspapers.

John Finn won his Medal of Honor for his action at Pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, died at age 100 at the Veterans Home of California in Chula Vista. He was also the oldest surviving recipient of the military's highest honor.

he had been the guest of honor at many functions, including one at the White House with President Obama, but he never considered himself a hero saying, "All I ever was was an old swab-jockey....What I did I was being pad for."

Explosions that morning rousted him out of bed. Finn immediately manned a machine gun at Kaneohe Bay where he was stationed and began firing at the low-flying Japanese planes as they headed for Pearl Harbor.

"I love the Navy and that day I was just furious because the Japanese caught us napping and made us pay for it." He was wounded numerous times by bullets and shrapnel, but refused to leave his station. His example gave other sailors the will to fight back as well.

Finn was firing a .50 caliber machine gun that he found in the armory. He mounted it on a platform out in the open. despite the wounds, he continued firing and reloading for two hours. he only left his station when specifically ordered to do so. Even the, after receiving first aid, he returned to his squadron area and actively supervised the rearming of returning planes.

Quite a hero. I have heard of this man before and he must have been quite a character.

Another of the Greatest Generation.

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