Friday, April 14, 2017

Thousands Observe U.S. Entrance to WWI-- Part 4

When the monument was completed five years later, more than 150,000 attended to hear President Calvin Coolidge dedicate it.  (Again, one has to wonder why our current president was not there last week).

The museum's CEO, Matt Naylor, said' "For the past 91 years, people from across the globe have come to learn and remember."

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens lauded the fact that Missouri was the birthplace of Frank Buckles, who, until his death in 2011 was the war's last surviving U.S. veteran.

Across the Atlantic on Thursday, France staged its own centennial observance of the American entrance.  the French Defense Minister urged everyone to remember "the courage of America and the millions of soldiers that came to fight on our side."


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