Saturday, April 1, 2017

The DAR's Monument Dedication for Nancy Hart-- Part 2: Her Descendants Still Living

"Her last years were spent in the home of her son, John Hart, on this very farm, in a stone's throw of where she so peacefully slept for over one hundred years.

"Her descendants in the Gen. Samuel Hopkins Chapter D.A.R. have the unique distinction of being descended, lineally, from a woman patriot; all others in our chapter are descended from men who performed some patriotic duty during the Revolution."

A great granddaughter, Mrs. Mary Dixon, 94, is still alive in Henderson.

A list was then read of 13 women who are or have been members of the D.A.R. chapter, including two members still living in Henderson and five others living in Kentucky.  Others lived in Louisiana, Nevada, Nebraska, Chicago, Texas and California.

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