Saturday, April 1, 2017

D.A.R.'s Monument Dedication for Nancy Hart-- Part 3

"Nancy Hart was first cousin of Daniel Boone, and was possessed with the same indomitable pioneer spirit.  She was also of the same family as Gen. Daniel Morgan of New Jersey, being an own cousin of his.  Gen. Morgan, with his militia, served through the Revolution, all through the history of the war was read:

"Washington sent for Gen. Morgan and his militia."

"Gen. Morgan received the thanks of the Nation and Congress awarded him a gold medal for his brilliant victory at Cowpens, in which the British were completely routed and pursued for twenty miles.

"No doubt had  Nancy Morgan Hart been a man, she would have been in the front of  battle. leading her men to victory or death, but being a woman she did 'her bit' in a different way."


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