Friday, April 28, 2017

Sticker Shock At Wrigley Field: Bleacher Ticket Prices

From the April 9, 2017, Chicago Tribune "Cubs fans facing sticker shock" by Kathy Bergen and Patrick O'Connell.

As the Chicago Cubs fans streamed back to Wrigley Field earlier this month, they met with the veritable sticker shock at ticket prices, especially for those prized seats out in the bleachers.


"The price to be a bleacher bum was only a few bucks a game through the 1980s.  Prices, as well as amenities and options, have skyrocketed with the renovation of Wrigley Field and team's success.

"Since 1922, bleacher tickets have varied from a mere flat rate depending on game time, opponent, seat location and other factors.  Cub historian Ed Hartig provided the prices for notable years of Cubs history."

Year /  Price  /  In Current Dollars

1918      30 cents    $4.84

1932       55 cents    $9.78

1938        60 cents    $8.12

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