Thursday, April 20, 2017

Roanoke Times "Looking Back, World War I": Roanoke Besieged

From the March 13, 2017, Roanoke Times (Va.) "Looking Back."

I came across this excellent look back into history put out by the Roanoke Times.  I also follow one in the weekly MidWeek for DeKalb County, Illinois.  During the course of the World War I  (or do you say First World War, I?") I will be writing what these two publications say about the war.

All dates are 1917, 100 years ago.

"  Roanoke is being besieged by recruiting offers and officers from all branches of Uncle Sam's fighting forces, and through their efforts many are answering the call to the colors."

This was just under a month before the official U.S. Declaration of War against Germany.


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