Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Veterans Day, Through the Ages-- Part 4: Name Changed to Veterans Day

The states, by actions of their legislatures had begun to make Armistice Day a state holiday already, but it took U.S. Congress until May 1938 to proclaim it as an official federal holiday.

It should be noted that there are no national holidays as the states retain the right to designate their own holidays.  The federal government can only designate holidays for federal employees and the District of Columbia.  Essentially, most states follow along with the federal designations.  That is why some states don't observe some national holidays.

As other wars came along, many if the veteran service organizations began lobbying to change Armistice Day to veterans Day to honor those who had fought in all wars, not just World War I.

They successfully achieved their goal in 1954 when Congress voted to change the name to veterans Day.

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