Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Comparing the 1945 and 2016 Wrigley Fields-- Part 4: Transportation

TRANSPORTATION IN 1945:  Streetcars ran along Clark Street and the elevated train ran along the current Red Line tracks.  the existing Addison station was in place before the ballpark opened in 1914.

In 1945, however, transit in Chicago was run by a number of agencies; the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) wasn't formed until 1947.

TRANSPORTATION IN 2016:  There's the Red Line, of course, and neighborhood parking has spawned a cottage industry with residents selling spots for hundreds of dollars.  Gone are the days when we would get off the expressway at Addison, stop at the White Castle then drive around the Wrigley neighborhood for awhile and find a parking spot in the street (for free) and walk a few blocks to the park.  That all ended with the coming of lights and neighborhood parking stickers.

I  think that the city should get a cut on the neighborhood parking.


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