Friday, November 18, 2016

Looking Back: DeKalb, Illinois in 1965

From the September 27, 2015, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."


**  The McAuley Residence for Girls at NIU officially opens Sunday.  It accommodates 53 girls and is named for Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland.

From NIU Housing site.

McAuley Residence Hall was located at 145 Fish Avenue and was originally St. Mary's Hospital in DeKalb.  It opened in 1967 (according to the site, here it was 1965) and closed in 1971.

It is currently for sale with asking price of $345,000.  According to realtors it was built in 1900 and has 24,000 square feet on approx. 2 acres and 20 parking spaces.  It was St. Mary's Hospital in the early 1900s and office space after that.

Property tax in 2012 was $3,813.

I Was Kind of Wondering Where It Was.  --Cooter

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