Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October Anniversaries: Peanuts, Circus Circus and Legos

From the October AARP Bulletin.

OCTOBER 2, 1950--  The first "Peanuts" comic strip was published.  I am glad the Chicago Tribune continues to reprint them daily.  Gotta love that WWI Flying Ace and, if there was a Major League Baseball team that could have been Good Ol' Charlie Brown's, it would have had to have been the Chicago Cubs.

OCTOBER 18, 1968--  Circus Circus Casino resort opened in Las Vegas on The Strip.  Last I heard, it was still there, but probably not for much longer.  My favorite casino on the Strip is Slots of Fun back when they had the $1 Blackjack tables and 75 Cent bottles of Heinekin and Corona as well as the huge quarterpounder beef hot dogs.

OCTOBER 24, 1961--  The patent was approved for toy building blocks that became known as Legos.  I was ten, but never got into Legos.  They seem to be doing pretty well now.  But, I was pretty-well hooked on the Lincoln Logs and Erector Sets (and what was the one with the spindles and wooden round things?).

I Built Many a Great Fort With Those Logs.  --Cooter

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