Thursday, November 24, 2016

Titanic Victim Margaret Rice-- Part 2: She and Family All Perished

After the col,lision with the iceberg, 3rd class passenger Bertha Mulvihill saw Margaret Rice in the 3rd Class Holding area with Eugene in her arm and the rest of her boys holding her skirt.  The entire family perished.

Margaret's body, #12, was recovered by the rescue ship Mackay-Bennett.

The words written:

"No. 12 --  Female --  est. Age 40 --  Hair dark.
Clothing:  Black velvet coat; jacket and skirt; blue cardigan; black apron; black boots and stockings.
Effects--  wedding ring; keeper, and another gold; locket and photo; one jet one bead Necklace; gold brooch in bag, 3 pounds in gold; 4 pounds in Irish notes' gold brooch; plain gold wag earrings; charm around neck; B.V.M.; false teeth in upper jaw; box pills.



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