Thursday, June 1, 2017

Near Death Experience at Indy 500 in 1992-- Part 3: Steve Wissen's Other IMS Encounters

As horrible as was his experience, Steve Wissen remembers other:  "I was the first one to get to Gordon Smiley when he died  (in 1982).  I was with the first crew to reach Danny Ongais (1981) when he had his horrifying wreck.  Good grief, who can forget Jim Crawford (1990)?  We had already started to pull out, and the next thing we know, he's 10 feet above our heads, car and all."

But, he says, he has also had some great times with the friends he made.  He remembers A.J. Foyt telling stories during rain delays.

Buddy Lazier was the 1996 Indianapolis 500 Champion and made his 20th run in the storied race on Sunday (but didn't finish).

Wissen did not attend the 101st Running this past Sunday because of a family wedding.

We did have a terrifying wreck this past Sunday on the 52nd lap between Scott Dixon and Jay Howard.  How Dixon walked away from this is beyond me.


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