Saturday, June 10, 2017

Carl Swanson's WWI Sopwith Camel Pup-- Part 1: "A Tiny Little Thing"

From the Museum of Flight Museum in Seattle, Washington.

I was trying to find out if someone had the 2F1 Sopwith Camel plane that Carl Swanson has built.  I did not find it mentioned anywhere.

I did find Carl Swanson's name mentioned in connection with another Sopwith Camel British biplane.

It is in the collection of the Museum of Flight in Seattle.


Pilots called the Sopwith Camel Pup "the perfect plane, light, basic and simply simple.  A British pilot said, "They were tiny little things, just big enough for one man and a machine gun."

The gun was a Vickers machine gun with hydraulic synchronizing gear that allowed it to fire through the propeller without shooting it off.


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