Saturday, June 17, 2017

50th Anniversary of "The Summer of Love"-- Part 2: I Was There For About An Hour

San Francisco is hoping to capitalize on its connection to that summer and get a new influx of tourism, both from those originals, those of us who might have wanted to be there as well as those too young or not born yet.

My parents took the family on a trip out to California that year and we drove through the Haight-Asbury area and it sure was all flower power.  But, since I was with my parents and only 16, there obviously wasn't much I did other than to observe.

The city is celebrating with museum exhibits, music and film festivals, Summer of Love-inspired dance parties and lecture panels.  Hotels are offering discount packages that include "psychedelic cocktails," "Love Bus" tours, tie-dyed tote bags and bubble wands.

Getting Psychedelicized.  --Tie-DyeCoot

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