Tuesday, June 20, 2017

11 Films To Watch On Father's Day-- Part 2: And 3 You Shouldn't

7.  FIDDLER ON THE ROOF--  Trying to keep tradition in trying times.

8.  JOHN Q--  This father will just about do anything to save his son.

9.  THE GODFATHER--  OK, really bad guys, but they took care of family.

10.  CROOKLYN--  Woody steps up to maintain a peaceful home.

11.  DESPICABLE ME--  Real big bad guy ends up adopting three girls.  Poor Gru.

Here are three not-so-good ones to watch:

THE SHINING--  Chasing son with an axe, not real Dad stuff is it?

THE LION KING--  Father gets killed and son has to cope.

STAR WARS EPISODE 4:  A NEW HOPE--  Originally just "Star Wars"--  "Luke, I am your father."

Poor Tevye.  Great Music.  --Cootler

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