Monday, March 20, 2017

Nancy Hart, American Revolution Heroine-- Part 7: Some Confusion About Burial


She is buried in what is now called the Book Cemetery near Henderson, Kentucky.  There are 82 internments listed there.  She is not mentioned as an important person buried there, which is surprising.

I've also seen it called the Hart-Book Cemetery.

A lot of people with the Book family name (26 of them) are buried there.  This land was probably initially owned by the Hart family and then the Book family took it over.

From Saving Graves site.

The Book Cemetery is privately owned by Steve Reed and neglected and overgrown.  It is located near US Highway 60 on Frog Island Road.

Under a Hart Brook Cemetery in Henderson, Ky., I the oldest grave was that of Nancy Hart, died 1837, DAR.  It also says this one is owned by Steve Reed and neglected with overgrown trees, ground cover and vines.

Another source mentioned that the Hart Graveyard is on Frog Island Road, ten miles from Henderson.


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