Monday, March 27, 2017

Let's Dance-- Part 10: Give Me Good Old Frat/Soul Dancing Anytime

My idea of fun dancing is what you saw on "Animal House" at the Delta Tau Delta toga party.  That and any type of soul dancing.

We used to do a lot of dancing at our Delta Sigma Phi parties at NIU.  We generally played just four albums (yes, albums as that is what we had back 1969-1973).  They were:  Green River by CCR (our fraternity song was "The Buffalo Song" to the tune of "Lodi"), Sly & the Family Stone's Greatest Hits, Four Tops Greatest Hits and Temptations Greatest Hits.

Play one side of all four, flip them over and do the other side.  Repeat as needed.

I dance where the music takes me.

Give Me a Beat That Can't Be Beat.  --CootFrat

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