Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let's Dance-- Part 8: They Made Us Feel Like Dancing

5.  MADONNA--  Before she sang, she sought a dance career.  And, she sure did some dancin' while she was singin'.

6.  PAULA ABDUL--  The '80s MTV star was also a top choreographer.  And she could sing too.

7.  JANET JACKSON--  As good as her brother?  Absolutely, say dance experts and her many fans.  And, you never know when she will have problem with her clothes.

8.  MICHAEL JACKSON--  The King of Pop changed modern dance.  Can you say "Moonwalk"?  Hurt myself bad trying that.  Won't do it again.

9.  MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV--  He made ballet fresh, exciting and even sexy for millions of Americans.  Well, not me.

Of course, I sure loved Toni Basil in her "Mickey" video.  I guess you'd call that cheerleader dancing.  Plus, the moves the Motown groups had just blew me away.

Then, there was Tina Turner and her Ikettes.  How those short dresses stayed on during those moves was beyond me.

Moving Soul.  --Cooter

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