Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Looking Back to 1941: Chief Shabbona Painting Comes to DeKalb Public Library

From the October 12, 2016, MidWeek "Looking Back."

1941, 75 Years Ago.

"The DeKalb Public Library has a new picture of the famous Indian Chief Shabbona, the gift of Claus Collins, DeKalb township supervisor.  The picture is of Chief Shabbona and his first wife, Spotka.

"It is understood that the picture is somewhat rare; Mr. Collins has become greatly interested in the famous Indian chief and has engaged in considerable research.  It is learned that he has been able  to secure much new information about Shabbona, which has resulted in several controversial matters having been solved to great extent."

Probably in regards to the Chief's land claims.


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