Monday, June 6, 2016

Seven Secret Indy 500 Remnants-- Part 6: White Front Tavern


Here is where racing people of yore hunkered down after a day at the track and hoisted a beer or six.  Bill Vukovich, A.J. Watson, Bobby Unser and on-and-on.

Here A,J, Foyt, who is a four-time Indy 500 champion, but was not good at drinking, once was tricked into downing too many screwdrivers and ended up tossing his cookies (though possibly not until he got back to his motel room).

The place is no longer the White Front.  It is now Club Venus, a gentleman's club.  It is windowless and dark.  From the outside, the old building is practically unchanged, but the only trace of the interior of the venerable watering hole is in the men's room, where the old ceramic-style cinderblock walls are still out in the open and look just like they did when the great Foyt either hurled there or didn't.

Not Me.  --Cooter

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