Monday, June 27, 2016

NIU's Basketball Hall-of-Famer Jerry Zielinski

Last week, I wrote about the death of one of Northern Illinois' greatest basketball coaches, Tom Jorgensen, in 2013.

One of his best-players, and my own personal favorite from when I attended that school was Jerry Zielinski.  games back then were played at Evans Field House, a glorified high school gymnasium (before the state-of-the-art Convocation Center was built).  And, the games were exciting, much of it due to Zielinski's accurate long-range shots.

He'd get the ball way outside and the crowd would start yelling, "Zee, Zee, Zee!!"  I sure did that a lot of yelling.  he was Mr. Excitement.

He averaged 19.2 points a game and notched 1,402 career points in the era before the three-point shot was instituted.  Imagine how many more he would have had

The "Zee" was on that great NIU 1971-1972 team that went 21-4 and beat national power house Indiana which wa sranked #5 at the time.  His career high was against SIU with 46 points.

"Zee" played his high school basketball at Putnam County High School in Granville, Illinois.

"Zee" Shoots, He Scores!!!"  --DaCootZee

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