Thursday, June 23, 2016

Death of Former NIU Basketball Coach Tom Jorgenson in 2013-- Part 1

From the November 29, 2013, DeKalb Daily Chronicle "Former NIU basketball coach Jorgenson passes away."

NIU Hall of Fame men's basketball coach Tom Jorgenson who put Northern Illinois on the national college basketball map with a Top Twenty ranking died November 29.

Known as "Jorgy," he was the first to have NIU post a 20-victory season with a 21-4 season 1971-1972 and was coach with the school's first-ever victory over a Big Ten team, Indiana, in the same season..  Same season, Northern was ranked #20 at one point.  A member of his 1969 team, Jim Smith, was NIU's first NBA draft pick.

Other honors for "Jorgy" was a first Division 1 college basketball championship for the 71-72 team in the Midwestern Conference and its first college All-American, Jim Bradley that same season.

More to Come.

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