Friday, June 3, 2016

Seven Secret Indy 500 Remnants-- Part 5: Actors Wore Hinchmans for Movies

Hollywood got the Hinchmans when Steve McQueen filmed "LeMans," he wore won.  And when Elvis Presley made the movie "Speedway" he was also wearing one.

The last Hinchman involved in the business was Lew, the son of J.B., who sold the company in 1998 to two employees.  One of them, Nancy Chumbley, still operates the company, but in a new location on Gasoline Alley on Indianapolis' Westside.

Today Hinchman no longer outfits most Indy racers, but there are still a few.  This year, Alex Tagliani will wear a Hinchman retro job made to resemble the one A.J. Foyt wore decades ago: black with a red stripe across the chest.

Hinchman also sells replicas of its earlier suits.  You can get one of McQueen's "LeMans" one for just $1,999.

Reckon I'll take a Pass On It.  --DaCootTooBroke

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