Tuesday, November 14, 2017

First Americans Killed in Action World War I-- Part 3: "He Stayed At His Post of Duty and Fought to the Last"

Upon arrival in England, they sailed to Artois in northern France and immediately engaged in trench warfare.

Early in the morning of November 3, 240 German soldiers attacked the American trenches.  The Americans were vastly outnumbered and hand-to-hand fighting took place.

Besides these three men who were killed in this action, there were 5 Americans wounded and twelve captured, but the Germans retreated back to their trenches.  Hay, Enright and Greshan were buried at the scene.

Hay's commander wrote to his father:  "He was a faithful soldier, one we could trust.  At all times his work was of high quality but especially at the time of his death did he prove real worth.  He stayed at his post of duty and fought to the last.

"We are proud of the true American spirit shown by him and his comrades."

The remains of all three were returned to their home towns for proper internment and memorial.

The First of Many Americans to Fall.  --Cooter

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