Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cubs Shortstop Billy Jurges Shot 85 Years Ago-- Part 2" More Than a Lover's Spat

According to the Chicago Herald and Examiner article related, according to Jack Bales:  "Violet received a telegram on July 6, that intimated Jurges had been out with other women.  And a resident of the hotel overheard Violet telling a friend, 'If he denies this I'll forgive him, otherwise, I'll give him the works.':

She pounded on Jurges' door and confronted him with a .25 caliber gun.  As they were wrestling for the weapon, one shot ricocheted off Jurges' rib, another struck a finger on his left hand and the third traveled through Popovich's arm.

Was It Worth It?  --DaCootShot

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