Monday, July 10, 2017

Cubs Shortstop Billly Jurges Shot 85 Years Ago-- Part 3: Girlfriend Also Dated Leo Durocher and Al Lopez

The story of Billy's shooting became national headlines.  Newspaper photographers and reporters burst into Violet Popovich Valli's hospital room and daily reports of "the chestnut-haired divorcee" and the dark-haired chorus girl" filled the papers.

But nothing ever happened with her case.  Jurgess refused to press charges.

He rejoined the Cubs less than a month later and the '32 Cubs went on to the World Series where they got swept by the Yankees.

Popovich later dated Leo Durocher and Al Lopez, who went on to become managers of the Cubs and White Sox respectively.  She later married former boxer Charley "The Duluth Dynamiter" Retzlaff in 1947.

If I were Durocher or Lopez, I would have been very, very careful.


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