Monday, July 17, 2017

Eddie Waitkus' Major League Stats

Born September 4, 1919 in Massachusetts.  Died September 16, 1972.

Lifetime .285 Batting Average and 24 home runs, so not likely to hit one to blow up those lights like in "The Natural."

His rookie year was in 1941 with the Chicago Cubs when he played in 12 games at the end of the season.

From 1942-1945, he was in military service in World War II.

In 1946 he played in 113 games with 441 at bats, 55 RBIs, 4 Home runs and batted .304.  The next two years with the Cubs, he batted .292 and .295.  In 1949, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies.  In his time there he hit .306 (the year he was shot), .284, .257, .289 and .291.

And You Thought You Would Have to Worry About A Beanball.  --CootNat

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