Thursday, December 1, 2016

Looking Back to 1941: The Wet and Dry Issue

From the February 10, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."

1941, 75 Years Ago.

"The wet and dry issue will again be voted upon in the coming township election, it was learned today.  A petition has been filed with Town Clerk Vere Goodyear requesting that the voters make known their choice.

"When Prohibition came to a close in DeKalb Township, like all other townships, permitted the sale of alcoholic liquors.  Four years ago the dry followers petitioned that the matter be voted upon, both in DeKalb and in the territory outside the city both within the confines of the township.

"DeKalb voted to permit the sale of liquor but the township outside the city voted to prohibit the sale."

To drink or Not to Drink.  --CootBeer

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